In the continuous search of fast ROI in startups, we can find dozens of digital plans that haven’t worked and that people have thrown in the garbage. Letting go of what doesn’t work shows intelligence, and this is something every startup should have! Let's check out what's needed to create a good startup marketing plan.

Startups aren't that much different than regular businesses.  Their marketing plans need to address content plans, social media plans and blogs. Startups miss the marketing boat for the following reasons:

  1. Teams are half-assing the execution (they are using their shoulder time on the marketing)
  2. They’re being executed with the wrong purpose, or no purpose!
  3. They’re looking for short-term ROI and not seeing the big picture.

For example, content marketing, although slower, produces a greatest return of investment. There is a huge correlation between the amount of online leads a startup gets with how much it blogs.  Yet, startups rarely ever blog because they choose to not make time for it.

So how do we make content that actually works?

The key point of this is to really understanding the needs of your audience. Once you know their needs, you need to make strong content for each one of the shopping cycle stages.

  1. Knowledge 

The best type of content for this stage is visual/informative. 100% educative content, informative and very visual. We need to catch the audience’s attention and try to engage them.

  1. Consideration

The best type of content for this stage is strong data. We’ve already got the audience engaged.  Now let’s let them know why we’re experts in the field and trusted points of reference.  Webinars, guides and tutorials are great ways to connect with members of the consideration stage.

  1. Decision

Now we need to offer solutions! We’re all-in on trying to get this audience to use our product. What could be better in a startup than a new user!? Some great examples of content here include case studies, testimonials, pricing comparisons etc.  .

Now you have these tools, start creating the content plan for your startup!

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