Hiring a web developer is always a complicated task. Basically, hiring ANY employee is usually stressful because we want to make sure to find the BEST possible option.

This is the reason many companies prefer to outsource web development, instead of adding new team members to their organization. There are great advantages from using this model; you can check them here.

But in case you definitely need this jobs position in-house here are some of the things you need to include in a web developer job description.

1. Time: Do you need it part-time? Full-time? Remember that by bringing him/her in-house you won't be able to be flexible about hours, as you could by hiring an outsource company. So you need to be very clear from the start on how much of his time you'll be needing.

2. Language: No, we don't mean tongue, we mean programming language. Make sure to understand exactly what languages you need him to know.

3. Experience: Depending on the project you can choose to ask for a few months or years of experience. Please check them, hiring an in-house web developer makes harder to check on background than when hiring an agency. This step is vital.

4. Training: Make sure to let them know you'll be willing to spend time training them to understand your company, the values and mission. Remember he is going to be a new member.

5. Extras: Include medical care, bonifications, vacation time, everything that would make your job position more attractive to possible candidates.

We're not going to lie to you, we do think it's better to outsource, but if you decide doing your web development on-line make sure to follow these steps and do it right!

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