Jobs. We all need them. Are you interested in creating jobs? I am too! Not in the traditional way, but in the literal one. Below are some jobs we need to create to make the world a better place at home and in the office.  Plus we could all use a little business humor every now and then.  Think of the possibilities for these funny jobs!

Fantasy Sports Psychologist

This person's goal is to get you the one thing money can't buy - bragging rights. Fantasy sports continue to be a low-stakes, and even lower-reward, endeavor for sports fans. However, a great draft and shroud waiver wire moves can't save you from a few bad injuries come playoff time. Only a Fantasy Sports Psychologist specializing in peak performance can. Unfortunately there aren't many of them in the workforce.

Fictional Email Writer

Someone to write emails for every situation that can and will happen... but hasn't yet. 

"Congrats on getting that customer! Here's the email to send in two years explaining our fee increase." or "We've just hired a new digital marketing director! Get Nancy in the Fictional Email Writing Dept. to fire up a termination notice to be sent six months from now explaining that we need to make money and not screenshots."

Having someone to address the inevitabilities in business before they happen will save you a lot of time and stress for when they do happen. It also prevents you from being an email idiot.

Executive Decruiter

Someone that can use Leatherface's chainsaw to cut through politics and red-tape at large organizations. These people don't have to worry about the backlash of whistle-blowing. When they are done making the corporate beef extra lean they can use the surplus to help the staff improving the company. Consider them the Robin Hood of Wall Street.

Director of Encouraging Communications

Productivity can always improve. Nothing would kill the afternoon slump like a professional pep-talk provider. This person is a combination of Tony Robbins and your idiot friend that posts those inspirational quotes on LinkedIn. Employees could just dial the conference bridge to join the Director of Encouraging Communication's pump-up midday speech. If you hate phone calls (like most of the younger folks in the office do) then just email and you'd get a 2348-word masterpiece to help you push through the final 150 minutes of the work day.

Co-Exercise Band Wearer

Don't you hate those days when your pedometer doesn't vibrate to notify you of hitting 3 million steps? Since many of us have pets that refuse to wear our pedometers for us it would be great to have the ability to sub-contract exercise to a co-wearable technology user. This person would be easy to spot in the office. Their arms would be covered with Fitbits up to their shoulders. It's a win all-around. Staff members can work late, eat all the Arby's they want and still get their steps in. All without burdening Garfield at home with any exercise.

Fake Social Media Account Developer

Life is difficult in a startup. You can look big by getting yourself a 1-800 number courtesy of Grasshopper or Claricom and a bunch of email aliases and domains courtesy of GoDaddy. Unfortunately, the truth will come out. People can use social media to find out that you're really a one-man army living at your Aunt May's house under the mask. You need a dedicated resource to create fake social media accounts for fictional staff members. Be sure to give them interesting job titles, recommendations and fake friends too. This makes it harder for potential customers to uncover your secret identity.

Fetus School Teacher

Don't expect your kid to be the next Elon Musk out of the womb unless you start their development in the womb. Enroll your child in a fetus school to make sure you give them the head start they need to be smarter than every preschooler in the world. Your fetus doesn't need caring! The only "carrying" that needs to be done here is in double-digit addition. Be sure to check the Fetus School Rankings from US News before picking which schools to apply to.

Social Media Eulogizer

This person ensures that no celebrity passes away without a proper social media send off from another celebrity. Complete with appropriate hashtags. Celebrities are too busy being irrational and successful to keep up with worldly affairs. Take this guy who thought Nelson Mandela was an athlete. A Social Media Eulogizer could eliminate a lot of PR gaffes crippling celebrities.

Brain Cell Labeler

Imagine if websites and YouTube clips labelled how many brain cells would be lost by reading or watching their content? Just like restaurants are required to label how many calories are in their food. Reading 436-page screenplays to movies that don't exist? Enjoy, but it will cost you 250,000 brain cells. Watching YouTube clips of Darth Vader breathing for 10 hours straight? That will be 1.2 million brain cells. A Brain Cell Labeler could put a numerical value about how useless some of this stuff really is.

Parking Spot Broker

Productivity at the office is paramount. A-players in the office really need to make sure they do as little walking as possible. You may have been an athlete in high school, but now you need to grow up and get things done! Save the unintended exercise for later. A Parking Spot Broker can look at your calendar and get to meetings (or the grocery store) 15 minutes before you and grab a spot. Just look for the Parking Spot Broker to wave you into the prime-time parking spot they have been standing in for 15 minutes anticipating your arrival. This convenience ensures you don't waste time looking for a spot and you don't burn calories for no reason.

I am sure you can come up with a few other interesting jobs. Some workaholics probably work two jobs like a Fictional Email Writer moonlighting as a Social Media Eulogizer. Those people have the right idea. They can either continuously hunt for jobs... or just create them.

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