We’ve discussed the agency hiring process several times on this blog, but we still get questions from readers concerned about what to do, and say in the interviewing process! It’s only normal to feel anxiety when making a choice that will deeply impact your business processes, that’s why we’ve created this guide.

5 very important questions you need to ask any team before deciding to hire an agency:


1- What is your MAIN area of expertise? 

Marketing is a huge world, we all know that. Some agencies specialize in creating amazing content, others in graphic design, others in digital marketing and web development, and so on… it is important that, even though the agency’s skills are wide, you understand what they do best.

2- What experience do you have?

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a theoretical marketer. You need to be out there, facing the audience day after day to actually get to understand it. This is why it’s important to understand what the agency has done in the past that could work for you too.

3- Do you work on weekends? 

I know, such a terrible question to ask, but there are – and will be – emergencies!  There will come a time when a major trending topic will come about on a Saturday night and you'll need to get on that wave.  Your website could also go down for no reason and you'll need up and running ASAP.  Yes, we are sorry, but business is business! 

4- Can I see your portfolio? 

This is not only regular, but also mandatory. You need to check what previous work this agency has done for other clients to make sure they could work for you too. Hey, don’t be amused by names, in the digital marketing world – for example – there’s more effort in growing a car dealership's digital exposure from zero than managing a big brand like Coca-Cola with thousands of fans around the world! 

5- How can YOU help MY business and ME?

Well, this is the final and most important question, how can this agency take all the knowledge and experience they have and put it to good use to help you reach your goals. That’s what marketing is all about in the end.

Easy huh? Well, give us a call and start practicing these questions today! We have great answers for you!

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