We all hear about companies that outsource web design to overseas companies. But something that's not clear is why they do it. Sure, it may seem like risky business.  Having a team that's not in your office handling delicate processes and not entirely sure about who is controlling that processes can leave you scared.  But if you take time to understand the outsourcing process you'll see it brings several advantages to the table.  Let's discuss the five most important pluses you'll get when you decide to outsource web design:

1. Price: Outsourcing it's usually cheaper than having a new team under your organization. You won't have to pay insurance, taxes or anything related to adding new team members to your business. Also, since outsourcing companies work with several clients, usually their costs are not that high, and you can save a little while still having amazing quality.

2. Expertise: Outsourced web design companies are all about web design. Kind of like how a law firm is all about providing legal services.  Outsourced web design companies live and breath for web design.  They stay abreast of the latest tactics and know all about.  They're always aware of the latest trends and topics.You benefit from having all that knowledge on your project.

3. Technology: Even though they may be overseas, technology today allows us to communicate in real time, no matter where we are. So using Skype, HangOuts, Lync, or even WhatsApp you'll be able to feel as if they were sitting in the office next to you.

4. Cordiality: You're going to be one of their clients, and they're going to make sure you're happy! This means you'll be treated as a client, not as a boss.  You'll be able to have a dedicated team, willing to help you at all times.

5. Time: If you have a new team joining your organization, you'll need to set some time to guide them, constant meetings to check on deadlines and more. Working with an outsourced web design company means you can sit back and just watch things happen.

What do you think? It definitely sounds like something worth of a try! At Computan we make sure all of our clients are happy and comfortable while working with us!

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