If you're a digital agency, no doubt, website redesign projects are a large part of your business model.

You also will have our own ways of tackling a website redesign and that's important because it's tailored to work best for your team. Maybe though, your website redesign projects could be less costly and more profitable.

Here are six ways to save costs on your upcoming website redesign projects.


Choose a better platform

What platform are you building on? Are there a better options one out there for your business? Platforms like WordPress and Shopify offer plugins and themes that help bypass expensive coding work to reduce costs and still provide your clients with highly optimized sites.


Find solutions for customization

When your developers have to custom code parts of your site or your sites functionality the hours invested in the project goes up. If you're working on a platform again like WordPress or Drupal then it's likely that your developers will be able to find an app or plugin that can provide the functionality you need without the hard coded customization. On the other side of this, if you are designing for complicated functionality, talk to your developers first, so that you can budget accordingly for this build.


Establish a new website project plan

A defined website process will help your team move through each step with better flow. Define the steps of the process, assign roles, collectively build a vision, build your design right and then choose experienced developers. Sounds simple enough, but it is so easy to get derailed. Click here to read our article on redefining a website project plan.


Refresh old content

Instead of hitting the drawing board, start your content refresh and optimization using existing content. Chances are the content on your clients current website isn't all a throw away.


Find better freelancers/outsource help

You're likely not handling the entire project in-house and if this is true it's probably time to evaluate the help that you are using. How fast is the turn around time, what is the average cost for design or development. Are their recommendations great? It never hurts to source quotes from other development teams or freelancers. Even if their hourly price isn't cheaper, there work may be faster and better.


Get examples from the client

One of the areas in which the most time and money is spent on a website is in the actual design, especially if you have to return to the drawing board. This is why it's important to ask your clients to search the internet for sites that they like and see their brand on. This will help drive your design process and ensure that your clients vision is in alignment with your designers.


Delivering the best website possible for your clients matters, but it doesn't have to cost your agency. We find that having a well oiled machine every step of the way is the best way to not only deliver better projects, but save money. It comes with experience, but also a well-planned project. 

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