Some brands and their web designers are hesitant about using a template for a new website. There are various arguments, you’re compromising for someone else's design vision, it doesn’t have the full functionality you need, it’s going to look like everything else out there.

Templates though, are easy to manipulate into your own design, they save you money and they are really one of the ways developers learn to code, so they’re a comfortable territory for innovative minds.  

Templates are super popular across many web platforms and that’s no different for HubSpot. The marketplace is full of stunning and conversion focused templates for sites, landing page, email and blog designs.


New to HubSpot? Templates are a great place to start

Templates are a great place to start for new HubSpot users. Yes, HubSpot provides an easy to use drag and drop builder, but the templates provided in the marketplace are built for conversion and look great. It’s easy to take their vision and apply your branding to any of the templates and they're simple enough to manipulate. These templates are a great way for you to get a “higher-end” and conversion-proven template without the cost of hiring a developer to build one for you.


Any template can be manipulated

We like to think of templates as a wireframe for what can be. Take the Hubspot template and the strategic vision behind it and then create a design to meet your brand and your content needs. With the help of a graphic designer and a certified HubSpot developer you can transform the base of a template into a functional new template that you can you use to drive leads and sales for your brand.


Remember no one has your brand

Our best advice is to stop worrying about your template looking too similar to the original design. Your brand is unique and definitive. This is why you went through a branding exercise and it’s what will make your template look unique.


Templates are just a jumping off point, a cost-saving entrance into more customized and conversion driven pages, emails and blogs. Interested in learning more about how a template can be updated to become a sales driver for your brand? Or even how to use HubSpot templates that you do purchase? Connect with our certified HubSpot team below and we walk you through some examples and show you what that process may look like for your business. 

HubSpot Support from a HubSpot developer