Over the last decade, eCommerce became an essential part of digital retail globally. We see more players jumping in and new technologies being developed to support the framework. The eCommerce industry has seen an extensive revolution where consumer buying habits, digitization in our routines contributed to its growth and expansion. The eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Squarespace, among others, with their technologically advanced offerings, have let the online store owners and consumers enjoy the respective experience.

Talking about technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence is one field that is leaving its solid mark wherever it is being implemented. It has transformed the eCommerce system as well.  One of the prominent AI technologies is Sensei, Adobe's AI, and ML technology for its Magento platform.

Adobe's Sensei is designed to promote automated decisions rapidly, supporting the responsiveness, real-time interactions that increase average order size and conversion rate and improving particular features of the Magento platform. Adobe Sensei hands everything on a silver platter to merchants and customers, and it should as well because the complicated buying process is one of the major consumer problems.

The Product Recommendations feature by Adobe Sensei offers gives more relevant experience to every shopper. The product recommendations can be product-based, item-based, shopper-based, contextual popularity-based, among others, after the shopper behavior analysis by Adobe Sensei. The good old Product Recommendation feature just got a new update - Visual Product Recommendation.

Visual Product Recommendation

The latest edition to product recommendation is the visual similarity recommendation type for Magento eCommerce that allows the store owners to offer products that look similar to the store visitor's products. This is an AI-based visual recommendation. This is indeed a never-have-we-ever-experienced Magento feature, which is AI-based with no human intervention.

Merchants can show multiple products that increase the chances of sales. Customers can view multiple relevant products aiding customer experience. In some shopping experiences, visual recommendation holds more value than the search queries and keywords in the product description.

Live Search

Another option Adobe has introduced is Live Search, i.e., actually the search feature at lightning speed. Think it this way; every eCommerce website is the Google search engine for shopping. Consumers search for what they are looking for, and they expect relevant and quality results. To show relevant and quality results, Google has several algorithms based on which it connects the users' search queries with the content on the web pages. Similarly, Live Search from Adobe Sensei uses AI to display the relevant and recommended results by analyzing and optimizing the search queries in super speed.

When visual recommendations and Live Search work in perfect cohesion, the users are likely to get a pleasant shopping experience on your Magento store.

The list of already place AI-based solutions in Magento includes…

AI-powered chatbots for personalization: This is one of many ways to increase the conversions. Consumers who have multiple tabs opened in their browsers, doing live research for their product tend to get influenced quickly by other options. Sometimes they delay the purchase because they get confused or don't make the purchase at all. It is hard for eCommerce retailers to keep up with quick-changing decision trend. Hence the AI-powered chatbots to cover the loophole and help the consumers in making better-informed decisions. This also increases customer retention.

AI-powered complaint resolution and return requests: Leaving the customer high and dry when they get the wrong product or when they can't get what they are looking for frustrates them. Such an experience not only gives your store a bad review on a public platform, but you are likely to lose a lot of customers in the future. No customer would want to return to a website that hands them the wrong items or keeps their money. Ensuring an easy, safe, and secured complaint resolution and return requests put the consumers in a safe place. They feel that their money is always in their control. The cancellation/returning of the product should be as easy as order placing. It's like the fire exit of a building, IT MUST BE EASILY ACCESSIBLE.

Increased security and fraud prevention in transactions: Consumer data privacy, integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality everything needs to be neatly knit in your system that no one with cruel intentions can get their hands on it. Consumers' credit card information, debit card information and personal information there's a lot at stake. Any platform, when exposes its system to technologies like AI and ML, a security-first approach is always followed because this new exposure also welcomes a new set of risks. With AI, Magento has increased its security for data privacy, and to stop fraudulent transactions.

Financial Reporting: This feature is for store operators. There isn't always the large corporation behind an eCommerce store. Many college dropouts starting up a store and managing everything by themselves is a common scenario these days. Understanding complex financial transactions sometimes become difficult for them. Magento has put AI power behind financial reporting that analyses invoices, sales, prices, and discounts for easy understanding of the store owners.

Predictions: Any experienced marketer, after analyzing the week-by-week or month-by-month or year-by-year sales, can predict the upcoming sales trend. But how long would it take for a marketer to analyze so many entries? And, how quickly you need the results? As quick as possible, I guess, looking at the competition. So, AI again jumps in and helps the Magento users make all the forecasting and sales and trend predictions based on buyer behavior and purchases. Let your marketer focus on other business growth tasks.

Personal Approach: Personal approach is not limited to greetings only like every time you open the website, the chatbot texts you by your name. The eCommerce world has reached to giving the buyers a personal discount on their regular purchases. That is what AI does in Magento. It analyses the buying pattern and proposes offers based on that pattern.

For example, suppose a consumer has purchased diapers for a couple of months regularly as they have a new born in their home. In that case, the system will offer a discount if the customer subscribes to that particular product for the next 10-11 months.

Drop down in the comments sections what you think of the two new additions by Adobe Sensei - Visual Product Recommendation and Live Search.