With the automotive industry’s fierce competition between brands, many companies are deciding to invest more in automotive digital marketing for lead generation.  Here's why.

Web development and landing pages are great for the automotive world.  They really make it easy for the users to fill out forms with their personal information: name, phone, e-mails and interests (lead generation).  This helps the sales team increase their opportunity to maintain contact and start negotiations with these leads. 

People are looking for products on-line before making the final purchase, even when the buying process is not on-line.  Particularly for big price-ticket items like vehicles.   This is why it's important to optimize your vehicle detail pages and inventory with custom video, pictures and text.  That way potential buyers reviewing your inventory online can get the whole story about the vehcile before visitng the dealership.  That's what they want to do.  

Other revolutionary tools for this industry include numerous website builders built just for car dealerships (dealer.com, Glovebox, eDealer and AutoTrader) are some of the key players in this market.  These are no different than standard content management systems with a few custom modules to do industry-specific things.  Such as update your inventory with a direct link to your dealer management system or add some basic lead capture forms.

If you haven’t started your automotive digital marketing plan, give us a call and let’s get you ready!

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