When you’re creating your startup marketing plan there are some things you need to consider in order to be successful. We’ve already covered how to create a content plan for a startup, and now we’re going to review the 4 most important questions to answer to get to know your audience. 


In this step we need to check on all the different personas that could buy our product. We’re probably going to have an influencer, a buyer and a decision maker. Try to fill each position and understand exactly whom you’re talking to.


When will you start communicating with your audience? At what point of their day, and why? When are they more likely to listen to you? All of these questions will help you understand and make the best out of your advertising efforts.


Now you’ve decided when’s the best time to reach your audience you need to decide on where to reach them. Are you going to invest in online or digital marketing efforts? TV spots? Where is your audience most of the time? Answer these questions and then let’s get to work.


Now you have the who, the when and the where  Now it’s time to decide the what. You already know your audience, you know what they like, when’s the best time to reach them and where to do it. Now decide on your message!  What is it that you want your audience to know about your business?  Also, with messaging think about adding an invitation for something at the end of it.  It could be an invitation to download a whitepaper, read an ebook, give you a call or drop in for a seminar.  All parts of a startup's marketing plan need invitations to get names into their pipeline!  

That’s it; you’re now on your way to deliver a powerful marketing message about your startup!  

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