We’ve all heard about SEO (Search engine optimization) haven’t we? It's this sort of magic marketing agencies do to ensure certain websites appear at the top of search results and which ones get buried on page 30.

Well, there’s definitely something true about that: SEO is the process of optimizing your website to let search engines know what’s it about, why it’s relevant and why it should show it to searchers.

This process relies on keywords, which are basically search phrases. Let’s say you have a website about birds, probably the words birds, wings and feathers are going to be very repetitive among your text. Well, Google picks up on this and starts ranking you better for those search terms.

Okay, so now we have that clear, let’s go to where it gets messy. Let’s say you have a website as part of your automotive digital marketing strategy, in this website you list new models, prices and vehicle characteristics. The issue you’re going to end up having is that there’s not much text there, so Google is not going to find your website as relevant as others. This is one of the reasons to include a blog!

In a blog you can share news, press releases, information and more!  And, since you’re going to be writing about a specific subject, Google is going to start noticing you for those search terms.

We wrote an article about some great blogs you need to follow! Use these examples and check it out!

 If you don’t have the time to maintain it, you can always outsource those tasks.  At Computan we’re experts when it comes to SEO and automotive digital marketing. Give us a call!

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