A new job profile is entering the lexicon of companies large and small that are serious about winning marketing battles. 

And in this location, this profile mixes so many different disciplines and answers to such complex needs that some experts have begun calling them "unicorns." This new profile that you're going to need to include in your business model is the marketing technologist, considered as one of the most desired jobs of 2015 along with data scientists.

Half marketing expert, half technology professional.  This is the best hybrid since the Centaurus (Google it). Job offers for these professionals are rising on sites such as LinkedIn. But what exactly is a marketing technologist? The marketing technologist knows how to move well between marketing and new tools to optimize processes, becoming a fusion of both fields.

They act as links between the IT and the marketing departments and look for new opportunities. Basically, a Marketing technologist must have a holistic approach to modern marketing and they have the technical background to evaluate and quantify various marketing technology available in the market.  

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