Building a website in today's world is not a big issue. However, you must choose reputable page builders for your website if you want your team to adjust the changes for its expansion in the future easily.

You will learn everything there is to know about the two most popular page builders for your website in this blog, so continue reading. They are Elementor and WPBakery in WordPress.

Pros of Elementor

Visual Front End Editor

Earlier, WordPress did not allow you to give control over the themes for your website. In other words, you could not make it look and do customizations as per your wish. Due to page builders, you can edit your website from the front end by dragging and dropping the blocks. You do not need to know programming languages such as HTML or CSS. This is inevitable in website builders since we are heading toward our low-to-no-code future. Waqas Husain, WordPress developer at Computan says, 'the pro version of Elementor provides a lot of functionalities
like we can import, export layouts, make layout global, etc.'

Template and Block Library

'We can easily edit the pages/posts compared to the WP bakery.' says Waqas. When using Elementor, you can simply jump into Elementor's proprietary library of different blocks and quickly install a block, pre-designed template, or pre-designed block. Elementor can help you improve your search engine ranking with its quick-loading pages and SEO-friendly layouts. You can effortlessly insert call-to-actions and email opt-in forms at the top of your website. Elementor allows you to install third-party blocks to add more functionality to your website. Moreover, Elementor Pro has more well-designed themes and blocks, enabling you to build stunning websites quickly. 

Optimization for Other Devices

Elementor provides you flexibility by allowing you to customize your website for other devices, such as desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. This helps in knowing that the design of your website looks good on each device; if not, you can make changes accordingly. You can set the font size for different devices. For instance, on a desktop, the font size is 60, and for mobile phones, you can reduce it to 30 so that it does not look weird. It ensures that traffic does not decline as most people use their mobile phones to operate. 


Integrate seamlessly with your ideal CRM and marketing software. Elementor provides all the integrations your company needs, from social media platforms to email marketing programs. The available marketing tools are Drip, HubSpot, ConvertKit, MailChimp, WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, PODS, SEOPress, Rank Math, and Social Media networks like Slack, Discord, YouTube, Dailymotion, Google Maps, etc. You can add third-party apps or build your integrations if you can't find the necessary integrations.


Elementor provides complete security for your website. The most sensitive data on your website is always safeguarded because it comes with industry-recognized SSL. Every 24 hours, an automatic backup is carried out. You can run manual backups as often as you like. The website, still under construction, can be made private until a passcode is entered to allow viewing.

Hello Theme

The Hello Theme is permanently free and a fantastic starter theme if you want to manage and personalize every aspect of any website you create using Elementor. You have complete freedom to design the theme. Using robust visual editing tools and the adaptability of more than 100 widgets, unleash your creativity as you design pages. Improve the speed of your WordPress websites. This lightweight and fast theme pairs perfectly with the drag-and-drop editor and features a simple design. 

Cons of Elementor


Significant upgrades to Elementor have recently emerged, and updates can bring the new changes to get acclimated and extra headaches from unexpected bugs. Of course, Elementor intended well when they provided updates to enhance their functionality, but that also meant evolving alongside them as they looked for ways to improve their software. 

Limited Templates

Although Elementor provides templates for beginners for free, they are very limited in number. Because of that, the free users might not have many options.

Customer Support

It is one of the main drawbacks of Elementor, and many customers have had this problem. Its customer service is substandard and fails to respond to user inquiries with helpful answers. In addition, the free version lacks even customer assistance. Additionally, they feature a Help Center with thorough knowledge base, guides, and a list of FAQs. If you get stuck anywhere, you can consider it, and it is available for free and paid users.

Pros Of WPBakery

Front and back-End Editor

Pages on your live website can be styled using the front-end editor. A page should be initially structured using the back-end editor and then modified using the front-end editor. Before changing the editing mode, ensure you have saved any changes you have made to your page so they don't get lost. Hassan Hashmi, WordPress Team Lead, feels, 'My fav is WPBakery because I am an old school developer who wants to do all by himself rather than builder or tool handling things for me.'

Ease of Use

You can quickly create and edit your website content using WPBakery without prior knowledge of PHP or CSS. One of WPBakery's main advantages is its interface, which offers a straightforward and uncomplicated building tool that can be utilized on any page.


One of the quickest and easiest methods to begin a new page is with a template. The template offers an excellent starting point if you want to personalize it further, saving you the time it would take to start from scratch. Hassan loves his way around WPBakery. 'I like things in my control. I like to build something using WordPress custom functions and WPBakery to create page structures.


With WPBakery Page Builder, you get immediate access to more than 50 built-in content elements. It provides all the tools you require to deal with content elements. With just one click, you can add, edit, duplicate, remove or make presets for your elements whenever you want. It provides you with additional creative options without having to write any code.

Customer Support

To address your inquiries and help you stay on track with your productivity, WPBakery Page Builder provides a high-quality, dedicated support team available from Monday to Saturday.

Create Your Layout Templates

Your WordPress layout may be saved as a template using the WPBakery Page Builder template manager, saving you the time and effort of creating it from the start each time. 

Cons Of WPBakery

No Free Version

The lack of a free plan for WPBakery to try out is one thing that users may find disappointing. To utilize it, you must sign up for a membership. Still, its website offers a demo video.

No Theme Builder

With these builders, you may modify not only the page's content but also its header and footer, as well as make templates that let you design your standard layouts for posts and products. You can only design the page's content because WP Bakery does not have any theme builder functionality. You have to have an add-on to build themes.

Site Performance Issues

WPBakery can sometimes slow down a website which can highly impact your conversion rates. In particular, if you load too many photos into the editor, it may lag. WPBakery has been noticed for being a slower group of block editors than others. However, it largely depends on your needs. Other website builders are an option if speed is more important to you than functionality. WPBakery is ideal for you if you are more concerned with functionality than with speed rate. 'WPBakery is slow as compared to Elementor. Also, their plugin and themes are not up to date.' says Waqas.

Important Factors When Marketers When Choosing a Website Builder


Marketers must decide the cost of the page builders because WPBakery does not have a free plan. So, if you are just starting your website building, you might want to stick to the freewares.


If the free versions or the minimum investment supports your business standings, you need not invest in heavy feature-loaded plugins or theme pro plans.  Choose the one that supports your current business requirements.


There are numerous considerations you must make to build a great website. The significance of performance is, however, simpler to ignore. This is essential since slow pages turn away users. The customers will be highly satisfied if you provide higher page builder performance. 


Creating a website will be simpler if clients can choose a template near what you have in mind for your site. So make sure there are plenty of templates available for clients in the website builder.

SEO features

Getting visitors to find a website, among many others already online, will be challenging. By assisting them in making their website's pages more visible to search engines, a website builder with SEO tools can significantly help them.


Weighing up both sides of the argument, I believe Elementor is the winner. Since Elementor offers a free version for users to try, it gives higher performance than WPBakery, provides increased security as bundled with SSL, SEO-based templates that give higher ranking to your website, and provides various integrations. Hassan Hashmi has settled the argument by saying, 'Elementor is much better than WPBakery; the main difference is Elementor is a website builder, and WPBakery is just a page builder.' So those who want to work on a page builder can go for WPBakery, and those who want to work on a website builder can go for Elementor.  Fareed Daar, WordPress Developer, picks Elementor over WPBakery, 'I like Elementor mostly because it's user-friendly and has everything on Frontend.'