Faizan is a HubSpot front-end developer on Computan’s HubSpot Development team.  He’s an expert in creating HubSpot modules and themes who knows the ins and outs of the CMS Hub.  In this installment of Behind The Coding, Faizan tells us about his favorite superheroes, his relationship with a few of his close teammates, and the first YouTube clip he ever watched. 


Hi Faizan! What are the last 3 things you Googled and why? 

Hi Sajeel. The most recent thing I Googled was about a fire. 

Really? Why?  

There was a fire at a shopping mall near my city and was just seeing the news about what happened. The situation is under control now.  I often Google things like this after seeing friends’ WhatsApp about them getting more information. 

Glad it’s under control now and hopefully nobody was hurt.  What else have you been Googling? 

I Googled a movie to watch with my wife. 

What movie did you decide on? 

Aladdin 😊. 

Classic movie! Which one? The animated one or the live one? 

The live one with Will Smith.  

Why Aladdin? Is she a Disney fan? 

Everyone is kind of a Disney fan! But she doesn’t like horror or action movies.  So I thought we’d try Aladdin out.  It’s a great movie. 

Ok, what else are you Googling? 

I Google how to do different little details in HubSpot 

What do you mean? 

Like different problems developers have come up with solutions for, or product releases and things like that.  Sometimes it’s easier to just Google functions an app the size of HubSpot is instead of looking in the help! 

Definitely agree with that.  When was the last time you worked after hours to solve a hard problem? 

At Computan we are pretty organized so I don’t have to stay late too often. But there was a time a year ago I had to come online after my shift. 

I think I remember this… 

…yes it was when I accidentally moved some staged pages live when the client wanted to keep them in staging.  I got a call, came back online, moved the pages back to staging, and went back to sleep. 

Yes …I definitely remember.   

You have a good memory. 

It was an unforgettable moment!  

Who are 3 people you’d like to have dinner with and why? 

I have thought about this question a lot.  I would actually like to have 2 dinners with 3 different people. 

Really!? That’s new. 

Yes.  The first would be Lana Rose.  Would be nice to have dinner with her while watching the water.    

Sounds interesting.  What would your wife say about that? 

I hope she’d let me hahaha. 

You’re an optimistic person.  Who else? 

RDJ (Robert Downey Jr) and Chris Evans – Iron Man and Captain America.   

Why those two? No Hawkeye? 

Those two are my favorites.  I would just love to talk with them about the Marvel movies and learn more about them.  No Hawkeye hahaha. 

When was the last time you cried tears of laughter? 

I’m a fun-loving guy and laugh a lot. But not a big crier when I laugh.  Maybe it’s genetics or something. 

Where were you when you first saw a laptop/desktop? 

I was 10.  My dad came from abroad and brought a desktop with monitor as well as a USB Internet stick.    

I like where this is going.  What did you do? 

Hahahaha….I plugged in the stick and opened up YouTube for the first time. 

What did you watch? 

I watched clips of different movies and songs.  I watched songs from the movie Singh is King…a Bollywood movie. 

I saw that movie in the theatre. Felt like yesterday! That was the first time you used YouTube? 

Hahaha yeah.   

I feel extremely old now.  


What is something your teammates don’t know about you? 

The teammates I am really close to knowing that I am always up to something mischievous.  

Which teammates are you closest to? 

Jeremiah (Jeremiah Amir, another member of the Computan HubSpot Development Team) and I sit next to each other often and are always clowning around and having fun while working.  He knows me really well.  Also my brother Shahryar is also on the team and knows me probably better than anyone. 

What about your other teammates? What don’t they know? 

I mean most of the teammates know that I like fast food.  Most know that Shahryar and I live together, work together, etc.  Most don’t know that we are married to 2 sisters! My wife and his wife are sisters. We got married one day after one another!