Meet Fareed! He is an expert senior front-end and WordPress developer at Computan.  He has advanced skills in ReactJs, WordPress, and other front-end technologies.  He’s also a pretty smooth operator with a camera too.  In this installment of Behind the Coding Fareed talks about food, his work, food, his relationship stories, food, university life, food, his multiple personalities….and food.   

Hi Fareed! Ready to roll? 

Hi Sajeel! Yeah, ready to roll! Speaking of rolling I just finished eating cheese balls. 

Oh man those sound amazing! What are the last 3 things you Googled? 

1 – I Googled a few restaurant's names 

Did you google your favorite restaurants? 

Nope.  I Googled about new ones.  I like to stay up to date with new restaurants opening up in town and then I like to see if they are worth trying or not.  I love eating and eat every day. 

Ok, what else have you Googled? 

New restaurants in Sialkot.  

Why are you looking at new restaurants in Sialkot when you don’t live there? 

Because I might be going there soon.   

Do you research restaurants at places you might be going to? 

Yes.  I love eating and eating to thrive and survive.  I love eating and eating every day. 

Ok! That Makes sense.  What else have you Googled? 

Best steaks 

Ok.  Are you planning on eating steaks at some point soon? 

Yeah, actually I had a great steak last night and I was thinking what my next type of steak adventure should be. 

It sounds like you enjoy your meals 

I like eating.  It is a really important part of my day and we need this to survive.  It is really important to eat well Sajeel. 

I can see how much this means to you.  What would you want your last meal on Earth to be? 

Probably crabs. 

Why crabs? 

Because I’ve never had them before.  I have been to seafood restaurants and seen those little crabs staring out of their aquarium.  I’ve never had one so my choice would be crabs. 

So, your last meal in life will be crabs.  Based on the logic that you’ve never had it before? 

Yes, that’s right.  Better to leave this world experiencing some sort of new food.  

When was the last time you worked after hours to solve a hard problem? 

Wait, are we already done with all the food questions? 


Ok.  I am currently working some pretty solid long hours on an interesting WordPress project.   

What makes it interesting? 

Everything is from scratch.  Every day I’m signing on to work, Hassan (Hassan Hashmi, team lead) is briefing me a little on the task to work on. I tell him ‘This all needs to be done from scratch’ and he says ‘ok do it.’  So, it’s a good amount of work. 

Yeah, this project is a lot of work but going well. 

Yes.  Actually, one of my first projects after joining the Computan team was a custom WP Theme Build and there was a huge amount of Bugherd QC tickets to plow through.  I remember staying up for a good amount of time to knock out. 

What made you remember that project specifically? Why was it special? 

Because I remember Kassem (Mohmed Kassem, Fareed’s PM) bought me dinner while I was doing it. 

You’ll like this next question.  Who are 3 people you'd like to have a dinner (dawaat) with at the same time and why 

Imran Khan the former Prime Minister of Pakistan.   

Why a meeting with Imran Khan? 

I have always wanted to meet him in person.  He’s a great leader, good man and an amazing visionary.  He woke up the nation.  But I also have some advice for him. 

What advice would you have for the former Prime Minister? 

I wish he would have spent a little less time complaining about old politicians.  He doesn’t need to do that and is already one of the greatest Pakistani PMs of all time. 

Ok, who else? 

Well, actually I’d like to have a different dinner. 

Ok, let’s talk about that. 

I’d like to have dinner with my ex-girlfriend who left me and whoever the person in the future is that I’ll marry  

Wow! Ok… 

Do you want me to explain that? 

Please enlighten me yes. 

I would like to ask the person who left me what did she feel like she lost when she left and ask the person who I’ll marry what they felt like they gained. 

And just to be clear, you don’t have a person in your life that you plan on marrying at the moment, right? So, this meal is with you, your ex-girlfriend, and a person who at the moment is totally unknown. 

Yes, Sajeel. 100% right.  

And you want to know what you’d lose and gain? 


Well, you might lose an eye or two if a fight breaks out. 

Hahahaha…maybe, but maybe I will get some good information. 

You might gain a criminal record or jail time too for causing a fight at a restaurant 


Why a meal with your ex-girlfriend and a person you don’t know yet? Why not your parents, family, some famous people or something like that? 

My parents have both passed on.  When I go to heaven, I will join them for dinner. 

God willing for that.  When was the last time you cried tears of laughter? 

Basically, every day during my university life. I was in a group of 4 friends and keep telling those 3 other guys ‘to come back to me and give me 2 more years of your lives! Let’s do Grad School or something!’   

What kind of stuff did you do that made life so fun? 

Everything and anything.  Impersonating staff, other classmates, pranks on each other, and long shopping trips.  Anything and everything.  

What do you love about coding? 

I love that coding pays for my bills and most importantly that it pays for my food.  I like food.  Did I mention that yet?   

Maybe once? 

Ok good. 

What is something your teammates don't know about you? 

There are a lot of things they don’t know about me, but I am also an open book too. 

I don’t follow 

I have 2 personalities One with my teammates at work and one with my friends. I try to show my best to my teammates.  But they don’t understand me that well! For example, Sajjad (Sajjad Ali Khan, front-end WordPress developer) and Hassan Hashmi see me sitting around, talking to people, gossiping all the time, but still getting my work done.  They don’t know how! Do you know how? 

I have one guess 

If you guess is food then you are right! 

I was right.