Meet Faisal! He’s a HubSpot Integration Developer at Computan.  He’s also an expert in PHP and Laravel.  On top of all of that he is a fantastic storyteller! In this installment of Behind the Coding Faisal talks to us about why he rarely cries when laughing, why people think he’s introverted and how his first experience with a computer involved a spelling mistake. 

Hi Faisal!  What are the last 3 things you Googled and why? 

Hello Sajeel.  The first thing I Googled was about the Stripe API documentation guide. 

For work obviously? 

Yes, we are doing a custom integration between Stripe and HubSpot for a client that requires different work than what the native HubSpot/Stripe Integration does. 

Ok! What else? 

The Laravel Cache Library 

Also for work 😊 

Yes was looking for some different caching methods are apart from Redis, Memcached and those things.  

And what was the last thing you Googled Faisal?    

React JS tutorials 

That’s different! Do you like front-end work too? 

Yeah! I like to do both front-end and back-end work.  If you recall, I was hired as a WordPress developer here but have been predominantly doing back-end and HubSpot integration work. 

Who are three people you'd like to have dinner with at the same time, and why Faisal? 

Basically my family – parents, brothers, wife, and children. 

I know you are a really big family man. 

Zeeshan Ahmad my HubSpot Integration Team Lead, tells me ‘Faisal, come to more than one event per year!’ And I try to, but it’s hard.  I miss my family 😊.  My kids are small, and I just love to be at home with them all the time.  

What would you eat with your family at family dinner? 

Lamb curry and lamb biryani for sure.  Lamb is my favorite food. 

And you like animals right? 

Yes, I do! We have a small farm at our house where we raise and take care of many animals.  I’d love to be able to expand that in the future.

That is a nice goal.  When was the last time you cried tears of laughter? 


Really? You’re not much of a laughing type of person?? 

No! I laugh, but usually not with water in my eyes! Is that a genetic thing? 

It might be! Hahaha. 

Maybe.  I cry when I pray sometimes or meditate, just not when I’m laughing! 

Faisal, what do you love about coding? 

I love problem-solving and critical thinking.  I enjoy HubSpot integration work too. Moving data from one place to another. Those are my backend interests. 

What about front-end interests? 

I like working on JS frameworks of different types and doing animation work.  I like the PHP frameworks and other frameworks too.    

When was the first time you saw a computer? 

Wasn’t until I was in college, believe it or not. 

Really? Wow! 

Yes.  I was going to use the computer and spelled the word computer wrong when I made the request.  So the teacher got upset. 

Did you get in trouble? 

Yes.  They didn’t let me use the computer until I practiced spelling the word correctly.  Once I spelled the word properly they allow me to use the computer.  

Hahaha! That’s an interesting story. 

Yeah, it’s one of my favourites. 

What is something your teammates don't know about you? 

Most people think I am an introvert, but I am comfortable with people who I connect with emotionally.  I give respect and get respect and try to be polite and loyal.   

Good values to live by for introverts and extroverts Faisal. 

Yes, I think so, too, Sajeel.