Shaharyar is a HubSpot developer on Computan’s front-end development team. He’s a serious powerhouse when it comes to logic coding in complex user interfaces as well as making sure HubSpot themes are built with best practices. In this installment of Behind The Coding, Shaharyar goes deep on what he’s streaming these days and his special encounter with a snowman.  

Hi Shaharyar! Hope you are doing good. What are the last 3 things you Googled and why?

I am big on Google. Can I share the last 4 things?

Of course!

1 – The Matrix 4 Release date

2 – Shang Chi

3 – Shadow and Bone

Sounds like you watch a little TV!

I am a huge movie lover. I cannot wait for The Matrix 4 to come out. Shang Chi is a great Marvel movie.

Yeah, I have heard about those two. Never heard of Blood and Bone

It is a Netflix thing. You have never heard of it? It’s one of the most famous shows.

Just checked. It’s not even available in Canada.

Sorry, Sajeel that’s a disaster! You are missing out.

Disaster indeed.

I also Googled SuperSuper

What is SuperSuper?

SuperSuper is a YouTube channel that explains superhero movies and shows. It gives animated synopses of things.

You’d prefer that to read comic books?

Any day! The animation and editing are outstanding.

Ok switching gears, when was the last time you stayed after hours to solve a problem?

Honestly while being a member of the Computan team that doesn’t happen too often. Brat (Bratislav Brankovic, one of Computan’s HubSpot Project Managers) keeps things organized. He will only make sure to assign people on our team enough tasks to fill the day and that’s it. Because of that, I don’t have to stay late very often. In my old company that wasn’t the case at all!

How was it different?

Oh, man. We had a really difficult customer. They would impose really tight deadlines and I was the lead developer on that account. Sometimes we made the deadline, sometimes we didn’t. Regardless we were working late at night all the time.

Speaking of late-night…who are 3 people you’d like to have dinner with at the same time and why?

Lol! I would really like to have dinner with 3 movie stars.

Interesting! What movie stars?

Sorry, I’m not going to tell you that!

What? How come?

Tell you what...if and when it happens we can come back and update the article!

Ok fair enough. When was the last time you cried tears of laughter?

Let me think…ah! I got it. When I and a few colleagues made a snowman!

You cried tears of laughter after making a snowman? Do tell…

Yeah! Actually, we wanted a teammate to come out with us in the snow and they were all for it, but at the last minute they chickened out. Since he chickened out the group of us that went just decided to make a snowman out of him since we wished he was out there with us.

Wow! That’s interesting

The fun part was accessorizing the snowman with glasses, clothes that looked like his and then of course sending him the necessary pictures. The jokes were hilarious.

What do you love about coding?

Honestly, I really love the tricky tasks. Coding design files is great, but the trickier the UI tasks the better. That’s my arena to fight in. I like being on the Computan team because the tasks are complicated and plentiful. I’m in the arena fighting battles I like to fight.

You make that sounds so violent!

Hahaha…it definitely is violent.

Where were you the first time you saw a laptop/desktop?

My dad is a financial consultant. In his office, he’d use his computer to watch movies and play music. I don’t remember how old I was, but it was great!

What are some things that your teammates don’t know about you!

I told you I’m a huge movie lover. Actually, can you ask me another movie question?

Hahaha! Ok sure. What kind of question?

Anything. I just want to talk more about movies. But don’t ask me what my favorite movie is because it will be impossible to decide.

Ok, if an alien came to Earth what movies would you want them to see?

That’s a good one. I’d say these three - Avatar, Inception, and Don’t Breathe.  One animated, one sci-fi, and one horror. The best genre of movies and probably things aliens wouldn’t have seen. What about you? What are 3 movies you would want an alien to see?

That’s easy – Happy Gillmore, Lagaan and Pay It Forward.

Why those three?

Happy Gillmore is a comedy…an alien should know that laughter makes the world go round. Lagaan is a classic story of overcoming odds and oppression. Pay It Forward? I don’t know…shows the power of generosity. You put me on the spot!

You said it was easy!

I did say that. I was wrong!

Do you want to know 2 things that my teammates don’t know too much about me?

Yup! Let’s do it

The reason why I love movies so much is that my parents didn’t let me watch too much TV or movies growing up. Now I’ve got some serious catching up to do.

Also, many people on the team don’t know that my little brother (Faizan Ramzan) works in the same office and is on the same team as me!