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Meet Waseem! He is the youngest .NET developer on the team and the latest in the line of great .NET developers on the Computan roster. In this installment of Behind The Coding, Waseem tells us about his family, what a young .NET developer spends time Googling, and a bucket of water.  

Hi Waseem! What are the last three things you Googled and why? 

The first thing I Googled was Angular vs. React. 

What for? 

I want to learn more about front-end development. 

Most of the time, back-end developers like you don't want to do front-end work. Why the change? 

Because I am young and feel like I have a chance to become an all-rounder. 

Nice! So what specifically did you Google? 

I Googled Agular vs. React. 

And who won the 'fight?' 😊 



React is in high demand, so I have been practicing ReactJS.  

Ok, what else have you been Googling? 

Variable declaration in VB.NET 

Why were you Googling how to declare variables in VB.NET? 

I had to support a system in VB.NET, so I needed to learn how to do this! 

You are showing how young you are, Waseem. 

Yes, I know! 

Ok, what was the third thing? 

I am trying to remember specifically, but I was doing motorcycle research. 

What kind of motorcycle research? 

I am trying to save some money to get a bike. I've been researching different makes and models. 

What kind of bike are you looking at? 

I will probably pick up a Honda. I have a 20-30 minute commute to the office, which would be a good purchase.  

Who are three people you'd like to have dinner with at the same time, and why? 

My parents and brother. 

What can you tell me about your parents and brother? 

My dad is a carpenter, my mom works at home, and my brother is an electrician. They have supported me a lot in my life. I would love to have them for dinner. 

That's nice to hear, Waseem. And what would you eat? 

My mom doesn't like fast food, but my brother and dad like pizza and BBQ.  

Hahaha! It sounds like a hard choice to make 

Yeah, my mom likes homemade food too. The 3 of us could convince her on BBQ. 

BBQ it is, then! When did you last work after hours to solve a complex problem? 

Once a month, I have to fix issues in our timesheet. We had a bug in time-logging, and I had to find out where the conflict was.  

So you solve bugs for our developers, and they solve bugs for our clients. 

Yes! Something like that. 

When was the last time you cried tears of laughter? 

Two years ago in University. 

What happened? 

I was playing cards with my roommates, and we played a prank on a roommate.  

What was the prank? 

Hahaha, I shouldn't say. 

Now you have to! 

Ok, ok. We filled up a bucket of dirty water. 

Oh boy. 

Yeah, one of the guys was sleeping. 

Oh no. 

And we poured it all over his head!! 

And where do the tears of laughter come from? 

The shocked look he had on his face was just priceless. I cried with laughter. 

Are you still in touch with that person? 

Hahaha no not at all! 

Hahaha, what do you love about coding? 

Coding is my passion, and I love everything about it. I used to think coding was boring, but now I like it.  

Why was it boring? 

It was boring at the start because I did not know coding. Then, when I started here as an intern, I learned a lot in 2-3 weeks. 

That's nice to know, Waseem. When was the first time you saw a computer? 

Many years ago. I was 8 or 9. I saw a desktop computer at a printing shop. I went to photocopy some notes. Then, I got my computer after 3-4 years.  

What did you do? 

First thing I did was play a game (Grand Theft Auto Vice City). I play Ludo, cricket, foosball, and badminton in real life, but only a few video games.   

Better habits, probably! What is something your teammates don't know about you? 

My teammates need to find out my salary or my hometown. Or that I was very naughty growing up. My face may look decent or innocent, but I can be mischievous. People need to sleep with one eye open around me. 

Hahaha, sometimes, yes.