HubSpot landing pages are an essential part of your inbound marketing strategy because they are your number one tool for capturing leads.

When a user clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) on your site, they will be directed to a landing page to take further action. Whether it’s a download, a sign up, or a request for a quote, you will be relying on these pages a lot throughout your campaigns.

If you are trying to figure out how to improve website conversion for your clients, start by taking a deep look at your landing pages.

Start With Your HubSpot Landing Page Templates

Take a look at the design of your templates. They templates should not include any navigation or links to the rest of your site. The focus should be on the form, and you want to eliminate as many distractions as possible for the user to guide them to fill it out. Another important factor for your HubSpot landing page templates is that they should always be mobile responsive. HubSpot does a good job of this automatically most of the time, but always double check to be sure.

You can view our free HubSpot landing page templates here for some great inspiration.

Keep Your Design Clear and Balanced

Add whitespace and padding wherever you see fit, and don’t overcrowd the page with information. You want to make it easy on the user’s eyes and provide them with a pleasant experience, which means keeping elements spaced apart.  

Write Compelling but Action-Oriented Copy

Your headline should have an action word in it that communicates what you want your audience to do. For example, if you want them to download an eBook, make sure “download” is in the headline. Your body copy should tell the user the value your product provides without preaching your company.

Add Images Whenever Possible

The way that HubSpot landing page templates are set up makes it easy for you to add in extra visuals through the rich text editor. Images and videos are both great ways to communicate your offer in a digestible way, while also adding extra visual appeal to the eye.

Use a Clear CTA

The CTAs on your landing pages should always be eye-catching, but also have enough direction that tells your users exactly what you need them to do. Make sure they are direct, straight to the point, and consistent with what you have been saying in your copy.

Optimize Your Form

Keep your form as easy as possible. When you use HubSpot landing pages, you are easily able to add the forms you’ve already created in the forms builder. Make sure you use an optimized form that asks for enough information without overwhelming the user. The more valuable your offer is, the more information you can get away with asking for.

Add Social Sharing Options

Last but certainly not least, make sure you have social sharing icons on all of your landing pages. This way, you provide the option for your audience to share your page with their friends.

Custom HubSpot landing page templates are also a great way to make sure your brand is consistent, unique, and fully optimized. A HubSpot website developer can build you something that includes everything you need to stay ahead of the game, while providing ongoing support for you.

how to build HubSpot templates from a photoshop design file