Shopify and HubSpot were made to work together, and now they are finally ready to join forces for the ultimate powerhouse of inbound marketing. When a leading CRM, sales, and marketing platform connects with one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, you know you can expect some big results.

HubSpot website integration services are nothing new, as developers have been creating and using custom APIs for some time now. However, this particular integration will be fully designed with the most effective features for both platforms.

Learn how to use the HubSpot website integration with Shopify as effectively as possible to ensure that you are fully maximizing your business’ potential to meet and exceed its goals.

The New HubSpot Integration for Shopify

In late 2017, HubSpot made a major announcement about some new ecommerce integrations. Firstly, they announced a major HubSpot integration for Shopify that would provide new opportunities for ecommerce businesses using both platforms.

Essentially, HubSpot will now be able to pull customer and visitor data in from Shopify to use for creating sophisticated sales and marketing strategies.

Secondly, for those clients who don’t use Shopify, they also announced a new ecommerce API framework that allows developers to build their own integrations with HubSpot. This allows an online store to be connected to HubSpot via its own custom API integration if there isn’t one available for their particular platform.

Connect Your Online Store

Once your Shopify store is connected to HubSpot, there are many different things you can do. This is why we are so happy with this integration- our clients and partners can supercharge their marketing strategies and power their websites to the fullest.

Here are some of the great benefits to the integration:

  • Track purchasing patterns for individual customers
  • Add existing customers into workflows to turn them into returning customers
  • Track abandoned shopping carts for remarketing
  • View sales as deals
  • Sophisticated revenue reporting
  • Comprehensive analytics and metrics
  • Smart lists and segmentation for buyers and contacts

Learn the Best Practices For Both Shopify and HubSpot

Now that you know all of the amazing and useful things you can do with this integration, you can put it all into practice.

It’s important to learn how to use Shopify effectively as well as HubSpot’s software if you truly want to maximize the potential of this integration. Understanding exactly how each platform works will show you all of the features you can use that will work together.

Since both of these platforms can get pretty sophisticated once you dig deep into their systems, sometimes it helps to go with a web developer who will do the job right for you.

Work With a HubSpot Developer That Knows Shopify

A HubSpot developer and a Shopify developer each have their own strengths. However, working with a web development team who specializes in both will be the most helpful for you. Chances are, they will have a lot of experience and have encountered the majority of the issues you will also have.


We are a certified HubSpot partner, but we are also Shopify development experts who work closely with the platform on a regular basis. We've worked on a variety of different websites and performed a variety of integrations, from custom integrations to existing ones. 

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