There has been a fundamental shift in the marketing world and as marketers, you know this all too well. Content is king and so too is quick dissemination. With most marketing teams moving towards the inbound philosophy the amount of free content available across the internet is growing and if you’re not meeting customer demand, then you’re getting left behind.

Agile marketing is not a new concept, but it is one that is helping digital marketers get a head of the game. By following agile principles, marketers are able to develop content and refine strategy quickly in order to produce high value, customer driven content.

Adopting a new organizational framework can feel frustrating, but if a new framework promises a tightly integrated team that never falls behind. Will your marketing team be brave enough to adopt agile marketing?



What is the agile approach to marketing?

Most people hear the word agile and think, 'another buzzword,' but it’s so much more than a buzzword! It is a full blown project management framework. Agile turns traditional project processes on their head and implements a number of 'driven' characteristics to help marketing teams stay ahead of the content game.

  • active campaign generation
  • collaborative work
  • high value projects
  • accelerated timelines
  • rapid iteration
  • speed and innovation


How to embrace the agile methodology:

Be prepared to shake up your organizational structure and staff

Adopting agile marketing will require you to shake up your current team and agency structure. It is likely that not every team member that you employ will be the right fit for an agile agency.  Agile workers are those who are self organizers,  produce work at a fast pace and aren’t afraid to accept or incorporate feedback.

Throw out your fear of change

Agile marketing's principles revolve around change, so if you’re brave enough to adopt this progressive style, be prepared for change to become the new norm.

Agile is not for passive campaign generation.  Instead with agile thinking you set goals and make loose plans and then test and test and test until you produce the best product.

Your employees will need to develop this new adaptive new mindset and it will be a transition period, but it is a project management style that will give you the flexibility to take on more projects and produce better work.

Stick to your agile commitment

Adopting an agile process is going to be a test for your team.  There will be growing pains as your team tries to find their grove.

You may not need or want to follow the strict agile framework and that is okay, adopt what works and what doesn’t into your project management style.

Search for outsource teams that integrate into your agile process

You’ll need a great team behind you, this extends beyond what you are already working with in-house. To help accomplish your overall marketing efforts, you’ll now need to look for outsourced developers who can meld into your agile behaviours, this often means looking at a development agency for total support rather than an independent contractor. An agile development team that offers marketing agency support services is a team with your best interests in mind.

To learn more about agile marketing and what an agile structured marketing agency looks like, take a deep dive into our Ultimate Guide to Agile Marketing Ebook. It’s a free guide that will help your agile transition and will make your agency or marketing department stronger. The agile development team at Computan works with like-minded marketing agencies and departments to find solutions to their digital problems, learn more about our services


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