Developers have been following the agile project management style for over a decade, it’s a methodology that has allowed teams to be better at their approach to work. Adopting agile values has enabled development teams to produce effective product more efficiently.

These teams are now delivering high quality products at lightning speeds and too often the content developers marketing these products are falling behind. But, marketers and developers can work together to make this process a synchronized ship if they both adopt an agile philosophy.


The brief history of agile developers

In 2001, a group of software developers officially completed the agile development manifesto as a way to improve upon the stale ‘waterfall’ process. The agile process presented the opportunity for software developers to work in a flexible and continuously evolving working environment.

There are four pillars of the agile manifesto, here’s how content developers and marketers can adopt these principles in their own way.


Agile Value 1: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”

Marketing teams can adopt this agile principle by remaining flexible and adapting the right processes for the right client. From communication styles, to workflow processes to delivery.


Agile Value 2: “Working software over comprehensive documentation”

You may not be creating software, but you are creating content and delivering client expectations. Your focus should be on delivering your clients the marketing strategies that work.


Agile Value 3: “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation”

Focus not on rigid project definitions but instead on reaching goals through clear communication. Producing your best marketing products in an agile environment means aligning marketers with the clients point contacts, sales and development personal and keeping an open line of communication throughout the campaign development process.

Agile Value 4: “Welcome changing requirements”

Nothing about the agile process is rigid and that applies to your marketing plans and strategies. Plans should be ever evolving to best fit the changing customer landscape.

Instead of one individual working on and then delivering the final project in it’s entirety, with agile thinking your team will know and touch on all projects within the agency. Projects are divided between the most capable individuals and then collaborated on to incorporate and produce the best ideas and product possible.


There is no one size fits all to agile development or agile marketing, this allows developers to adjust their product development to a specific project or client and it works. Interested in learning more about how you can change the service and production capabilities of your marketing agency or  department? Download our free ebook, the Ultimate Guide to Agile Marketing.

the ultimate guide to agile marketing and agile project management