Productivity, it is the bottom line for any agency or marketing department.  Delivering product and services in a timely matter is not only essential to your clients but also to the efficiencies of your team.

Smart agencies consistently monitor employee productivity and look for creative ways to increase that productivity. Here’s how smart marketing agencies increase project output capabilities.

Strong Delegation

Project management is the key to increasing productivity. Once client work is delegated by a project manager, then employees are clear about their responsibilities and the expectations of them on a project.

Not only should the appropriate tasks be assigned to the appropriate employees from the beginning, but smart agencies are now handing over the work “that wastes their time.”

That’s the back-end technical stuff that takes employees away from their specialties and uses up large amounts of their time due to lack of knowledge. Smart agencies are partnering with outsource web development agencies that work like an internal team.


Flexible Thinking

Flexible may seem like the opposite word you want to hear when it comes to productivity, but it’s flexibility in the project process that can allow for changes to be made on the fly. Some would go as far, to say that a project's success hinges on flexibility. Plans go wrong, wants and needs change, flexible thinking allows project managers to adopt the change and steer the project back on course.


A Planning Process

You make a plan for your project, see that project through until the end and then present it to the client and then go back and make changes as per the client's request. Does that sound like your agency? Effective marketing campaigns are reviewed at various parts of the process to ensure feedback and positive changes are input. Your projects will benefit from constant evolution so smart agencies implement a review process that works.  Their creative processes are also not solo act, they team up small groups to provide input and reviews.



Smart agencies preach prioritization and learning how to juggle priorities also comes down to a process that works. You agency could start by asking team members to prioritize their day every morning. This way your team stays on a guided timeline and tasks deemed most important are evaluated each day and then prioritized.


Many of the ideas listed above tie into the agile marketing philosophy. It is a structure and digital marketing project management style that allows agencies to operate in a highly efficient and effective manner that reduces costs and is ultimately focused on rapid production.

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the ultimate guide to agile marketing and agile project management