Consistency with your design is one of the keys to creating a brand. Instead of starting from scratch, there are several design templates to choose from, that you could customise later. This is efficient, saves up time and serves its purpose. Design templates are also designed to help you with SEO- so that users can easily navigate to find what they’re looking for, instead of leaving the page, frustrated. Seeing that they’re not even costly, there’s no reason to not take advantage of this convenient option!


As discussed in a recent blog post (add embed link here) pictures are vital to your overall image, (pun intended) and if done right, half of your marketing efforts are already made. Here’s a video of the step-by-step process of adding pictures to your design template. A visual representation of the following steps is included in the video:


1. Getting started

2. Navigating to your blog template in the Hubspot Builder

3. Making sure you’re in the edit mode

4. You’ll find a list of modules on your left hand side

5. Select Image Slider

6. Drag and drop it to the template where you want to show your image slider

7. Navigate to the “settings” icon at the right side of the template

8. Navigate to “edit options”

9. In the pop-up window, you’ll see the “add slide’ button in blue

10. Hit that button

11. Once you’re there, you can upload images from your computer, or select them from your file manager

12. After selecting your image, click on the “use image’ button on the bottom left of the window

13. At this point, you can also link the image to a URL and also add “ALT text” that’s needed for SEO purposes

14. Before going ahead, there are many other options as well, like enabling or disabling captions. You can also format your captions using the formatting options available in the box, enable slideshow options and adjust the slideshow duration or the time limit for each slide/picture during the slideshow. You can loop these slides or show pagination, choose a transition style, display modes and choose a position for the captions, if you use them.

15. If you want to add another slide/picture, simply go back to the “edit” and click on “add slide” on the top right corner of the window that will pop up.

16. You can repeat the steps you used for uploading the first image.

17. If you want to change the sequence of the images, you can go back to the “edit option”, and click on “manage slides” that would be right beside the “add slide” option.

18. Here, you can either remove or re-position the slides by dragging them up or down.


After you’re done with creating your HubSpot template and adding images to it, you can start filling it up with your content, whenever you want. Do let us know if this helped, or if you have any request for a tutorial video.