You browse the web each and everyday, you’ve seen all types of websites. Ones that resonate, ones that are ugly, ones that are visually beautiful, but you just can’t make sense of. It makes you seriously think of your own business's website and the purpose it is currently serving.

Your website's job should be to drive online business for your services or products and if it is failing to do so, you’re missing out on serious revenue opportunities.

If you get the feeling that your website needs improvement it probably does and more importantly if you’re asking yourself does my website suck? It probably does. To get a hold on where your website stands and learn how to tackle improvements, ask yourself the following questions.


Am I making money from my website?

This, is the reason your website exists. You may have a number of goals for your website, but those goals all lead back to your bottom line. Your traffic growth could result in new people to your storefront and your blogging could result in prospective new clients. If you are not seeing financial results from your online marketing efforts then your website sucks.


What does my competition look like?

Taking a look at your competition's web presence will give you an idea of where you stand. Do they have a dynamic presence that is head and shoulders above yours? Are they applying inbound marketing techniques like multiple CTAs, premium offers, blogging and growth driven design, when you are not? Observe where your competitors are excelling at learn from it and implement it, it will help you improve the quality of your website.


How is my traffic and how are visitors exploring?

If you can’t answer that question, you need to install Google Analytics immediately. Google Analytics allows you to see how people are coming to your website (search engine, referral, direct), how long they are staying and what pages they are visiting. When you have a clear picture of how visitors are or aren’t using your website you can understand if your website is working.


Are there major website best practices that I am missing?

Is your website responsive across all platforms? Do your web pages load within 3 seconds? Is your website easy to navigate with CTAs that lead visitors through a sales funnel? Do you have a SEO strategy? Do you have social media icons on your homepage? Is your website secure? You can answer the above questions thoroughly by taking advantage of a website grader, we offer that service here. This will breakdown where your website is falling short in respect to the webs best practices.


These are just a few questions that you need to ask yourself, if you can answer yes to just one, your website needs some improvement. Your website can and should be your best salesperson and we can help you get it there. 

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