The reason that prospects visit a website has shifted.

Visitors now are using the web for research, to find solutions to their problems. There has been a large shift by thought leaders on how website design should be tackled. Growth Driven Design has risen to the forefront as they new guiding principles for website design and development.

With this strategy change, what your website should do for visitors has changed as well. If you’re wondering what important aspects a website redesign should focus on we’re breaking it down for you. First from a content perspective and then from a design and development perspective.


Things your website should do from a content perspective

Have content that makes customers life easier

If you are not yet identifying buyer personas for your clients before you approach a website redesign, you need to start to immediately. Getting content right on a website, cannot be done if you don’t know who you are talking to. When you know who you are talking to, you will know how your product or service can make their life easier. In our industry, we know we can make marketing agencies lives easier by providing a team of developers experienced across a ton of platforms who can accomplish work 24/7, 365 days a year. So we have built our website's content to call out their problems and speak directly to them about how we solve them.  


Should focus on driving organic traffic

Your client's websites number one traffic driver should be from organic sources. This will provide them will more relevant visitors and will traditionally convert to more leads. In order to set the website up for organic success, do keyword search before you write your content. Once your content is keyword rich, nail the on-page SEO on every page.


Things your website should do from a development perspective

Be easy to navigate and send users through the sales funnel

When you design your website it should be designed through growth driven design principles. This means that every page and every part of each page should be developed with a strategy and a purpose. When visitors scroll through each section of your website it should be seamless and should place content hierarchical to your sales funnel.


Be hosted on a Platform powerful enough to perform

There are many website platforms out there to choose between, however, some are more powerful than others. The right platform combined with the right hosting will allow you to have a powerful and secure website presence. We recommend that you stick to the most powerful and versatile website platforms, these include WordPress and HubSpot.


Be focused on user experience 

User Experience or UX as it is referred to in the industry combines your design with technology and business goals. The end goal is to make the site easy to use and interact with to please your user. You do this by following the principles of growth driven design. From a development perspective, this means providing the technology to allow marketers to continuously test and apply research into website improvements easily.


Ready to take on new website redesign projects? Finding the right outsourced web development team will make a difference in delivering a website that generate leads for your clients. Learn more about how Computan helps marketing agencies grow their website redesign business with expert development across a multitude of platforms.

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