Many of us have played around with AI tools at some point. Bet it Chat GPT, Midjourney, Elementor AI, or ChatSpot AI. We have created content, images, and complete website mock-ups. The new definition of efficiency has AI-powered tools written all over it if you know how to embrace it. AI tools can create an entire website or help create parts of it. Elementor AI and ChatpSoot AI are the tools that come in line.

Elementor AI

Elementar AI has recently showcased one of their newest Innovative features Elementor AI Elementor. AI takes the page builder experience to a whole new level.

There are four major features that this Elementor AI offers 

Creating Content

When you are inside Elementor Builder, you can write taglines and complete website sections with the help of AI. The use case is similar to Chat GPT, where you insert a prompt to get more ideas, and if you like it, you can use it on your website. You can use it on your website header, footer, and inner sections. You can make the content longer, shorter, and change its tone. Just play with it and enjoy the experience of building the website. AI help is available for all sections.


Change the translation to all the different languages you want. That helps because you want a multilingual website. Many of us have to use plugins on our WordPress website, and this can be the start of removing all these translation plugins, and you can have Elementor AI ultimately translate your entire website.

Create CSS

You could previously add custom CSS code to any page or section of your website. You can still do that, but you can use AI's help to code a section on the website. You have to insert the correct prompt. It feels like the first time you used the drag-and-drop option to build a website. Once you get the hang of it, you will create a strategy around it. It's an incredible journey.

Create HTML Code

The HTML code is used to extract and pull information from APIs. Still, it will be interesting to see if we can use the HTML code to build full-on sections, you know, or if you want to add in a block with an image or something and use HTML code inside the Builder, that would be very interesting.

ChatSpot AI

At First, HubSpot took the drag-and-drop website-building game to a whole new level and gave the users a combined experience of building the website and managing sales, marketing, and services in one platform. The evolution has taken its course and landed AI in HubSpot's lap.

ChatSpot is an AI-driven assistant. As Elementor AI is extensively created for WordPress Elementor websites, ChatSpot is created for HubSpot users. It harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT + HubSpot CRM + Dall.E 2 + Google Docs. ChatSpot enables users to communicate using natural language and seamlessly perform CRM-related tasks.

Chatspot has also announced the recent implementation of GPT4 technology, taking its capabilities to the next level.

What can you do with Chatspot?

Adding Contacts

Users can effortlessly add contacts to their HubSpot CRM by typing commands like add a contact Zark Muckerberg at, and you are done. This simplifies the process, allowing for quick contact creation. Then, you are prompted by additional actions you can take with the contact you just added, like adding a note, for example.

Generating Reports

Chatspot AI can generate detailed reports in response to simple instructions, such as reports of companies summarized by industry. This feature enables users to access critical data without navigating through complex menus.

Assigning Commands

Assigning contact owners with a command like setting Zark Muckerberg to Users can easily assign contact owners, streamlining team workflows.


You can display marketing reports for website visits using Chatspot. It can provide valuable marketing insights by generating reports on web visits. For example, users can ask the tool to show a bar chart of monthly web visits on my website, and ChatSpot will promptly deliver the requested data.

Content Generation

ChatSpot leverages Dall.E 2 technology to generate images and upload them to HubSpot. This feature simplifies content creation and management for marketing teams. This integration saves up a ton of time for marketers as they can spend more time creating a strategy than browsing the web for content.

Similarities Between Elementor AI ChatSpot AI

Both are made for specific platforms. ChatSpot is useful only for HubSpot users. Elementor AI is useful only for Elementor users. However, ChatGPT or Google Bard can be helpful for anyone using any platform.

Both tools help the users create content, images, and write code.

Differences Between Elementor AI and ChatSpot AI

Elementor is more focused on streamlining the website-building experience. It has focused on website builders, designers, and content creators. It barely touches the marketing processes.

ChatSpot AI streamlines process for marketing and sales managers. Contact adding, report generating, and adding notes to contacts are core marketing tasks. It has yet to expand itself to website building it.

Soon, both tools will expand their features, and we will see two tools offering AI-driven website designing, building, marketing, and sales solutions.