ChatGPT has been here for a while. But this is the first time we are writing a blog post around an AI-based chat tool. It took ChatGPT just 2 months to reach its first 100 million users, making it the fastest-growing AI product ever. The closest to ChatGPT is TikTok, which took around 9 months to reach 100 million users.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Reels, one could see content creators reviewing ChatGPT and going head-over-heels for it on all the platforms. Many of those creators introduced unique business cases to use ChatGPT. Some started asking funny and controversial questions to ChatGPT while others were busy finding ways to integrate ChatGPT with different tools.

Brands like Google, HubSpot, Microsoft, and other small players stepped in the race to be the next one to build a better AI tool. And, on 7th March, HubSpot launched its own AI-based Chat tool called It is still in its beta version. That's when I decided to jump on the AI band wagon and write something on it 

Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO of HubSpot launched it on YouTube and showed live usage of the tool.


Before the AI-based tools, the software followed an imperative approach i.e., Point and click approach until you arrive at your destination.

Now, with AI, you describe, and it is done. That’s called the declarative approach. is a combination of four solutions in one.

ChatGPT + HubSpot CRM + Dall.E 2 + Google Docs

This gives it immense power to show output within seconds.

ChatSpot Use Cases

Sales/CRM: Type in the contact details you want to add to the HubSpot CRM, and it will add it to your contact list. Ask for the updated status of any contact in the CRM or ask to prepare for an optimal response.

Reporting: Ask for any report for any campaign for any date range, ChatSpot will give it to you in seconds.

For example, if you want to know how many contacts got added in the last month, ask this in the chat window, and you will get your answer. Previously, you had to choose the page, find the option, set the filter, and generate the answer. Now, ChatSpot does it in seconds.

ChatSpot shows you reports in the table format, just as you want. And you can even email it, view it in HubSpot, in Google Sheets, or save it to your drive.

Data Mining: You can do company research, find company data, and find targeted companies by asking questions.

Marketing: You can ask ChatSpot to draft an email for a prospect.

The true power of any AI tool lies in the quality of the questions you ask. So, the next big change in these generative AI tools would be suggestions based on previous entries. Auto-filling of questions to save even more time. But this could also mean getting similar responses since the questions will be identical.

Here's what Hubspot Project Manager at Commputan, Bratislav Brankovic, thinks about ChatSpot. "It is an amazing tool which will help a lot to owners/users in continuing to cut costs for them."

The scary questions remain unanswered: How many content creators will it replace? How many programmers is it going to replace?