Meet Fawad, He is the .NET Developer at Computan. In this installment of Behind The Coding, Fawad takes us on the latest hosting providers he’s looking for, finding an apartment in Lahore for a friend, and how he used to play music on a computer without the monitor.

Hi Fawad! What are the last 3 things you Googled and why?  

Hosting providers.  

Interesting! Why would a .NET developer be looking for hosting providers? 

Hahaha.  Good question Sajeel.  I was actually helping a personal friend build a website and was looking for a website host. 

So who did you end up with? 

I ended up on Host Engine. 

How was it to learn about web hosting? 

I found it interesting.  I didn’t know how things like cPanel worked, and I learned a lot. 

What else are you Googling? 

Google Cloud Spanner 

That’s more like it! Why? 

We have a project that requires building a relational database for a client.  So I thought Google Cloud Spanner might be an option.  It certainly looks like it will be. 

Yes it is really powerful 


What else did you Google? 

Apartments in Lahore 

Are you coming to town? 

Yeah, I am thinking about it! I have a friend who is starting up a business in Lahore and I thought I’d come into town for a few days to help out. 

That’s really noble of you. 

I have a deep respect for entrepreneurship and people willing to take risks to do their own business.  He is a lifelong friend of mine so I thought I would help him in his time of need. 

That’s nice.  Who are three people you would like to have dinner with and why? 

One would be my best friend from my undergraduate studies.   

What is his or her name? 

Adeel!  He lives in the states and we don’t get to see each other too often these days. 

Ok! Who else aside from Adeel 

Usman is another friend from my school days.  He’s also abroad and I don’t get to see him too often either. 

That’s too bad, Fawad.  Who else? Is anyone else nearby? 

I have a friend Sohail who is close by, but he’s also really busy.  

That’s the lifestyle these days. 

Yeah, everyone is too busy with their own lives and families to make it to a special dinner with Fawad. 

Hahaha! One day it could happen, though, right? 

Yes.  Anything is possible. 

When was the last time you stayed late to solve a hard problem Fawad? 

Maybe a month or two ago, Sajeel.  We got a new .NET client and inherited the job while it was in progress.  I sat one night until 2 or 3 AM trying to debug the code and figure out some essential functions they needed.   

When was the last time you cried tears of laughter?  

It happens often! 


Yeah. I went to the mall just yesterday, ate some KFC with friends, and had tears of laughter. 

You are a lucky guy Fawad! 

Yes! I definitely am it would seem so.  

What do you love about coding?  

I love so many things about coding. The biggest thing I love is the analysis.  

What do you mean by analysis? 

I love building custom solutions to custom problems someone has.  I like fitting the requirements and the code precisely to the solution.   I love that feeling of building a solution. 

Very powerful 

Indeed it is. 

Where were you when you first saw a laptop or desktop? 

I visited my dad’s business.  I saw a laptop and thought I really, really had to get one. There’s a funny story behind that machine. 

What is the story? 

The computer was blind for a while 

What do you mean blind? 

Well, I saved enough money for the CPU and the keyboard, but no monitor! 

You had a computer with no monitor? 

That’s right! And I still used it! 

How did you use it without a monitor? 

Obviously, I couldn’t do much, but I used it to listen to music. 


I knew the hotkeys to launch my audio player and would use the hotkeys to play music. 

Hahahaha! Wow! 

It was a long 5 months, but I had to save up for the monitor still. 

 What is something your teammates don't know about you? 

There’s a lot that they don’t know about me.  Maybe they don’t know how social I am or that I like to laugh a lot.   

Yes! You do hide this side from you often, Fawad. 

Maybe I shouldn’t! 

Definitely shouldn’t 😊.