Most eCommerce websites and businesses find themselves on a major shopping cart platform. Something like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento or Volusion for example. But what if the customer has been in the eCommerce world for a long time, has some unique custom rules in their selling process and uses a custom shopping cart? What platform should they choose and why?

Recently, Computan completed a migration project taking Forever Feminine, a leading online retailer of fine jewelry, handbags, bridal accessories and other products  from a custom shopping cart to WooCommerce.  Lynn Raimondo, the founder of the business, has always been determined to be unique in the fashion and bridal industry, something that isn't always easy to do.  Lynn has always believed in innovative digital strategies and tactics.  Including, going as far as trademarking her logo!

Why go with a custom shopping cart in the first place?

The original custom shopping cart was built to handle some of the uniqueness in Forever Feminine’s business coming from various channels.   They use pop-up shops in busy seasons, trade shows, online and direct selling tactics to move product in a fairly unique fashion. Timing is something to consider too. When Forever Feminine went online several years ago all-in one shopping cart platforms weren’t near the rage and standard that they are now.  

Selecting A Platform

When Forever Feminine got the itch to redo their site they had really specific things they needed. Obviously, data and information from their current shopping cart needed to be moved over. So did things like passwords, product order history, revenue reports and other pertinent data sets. Since this was a custom site, careful planning on the migration needed to be done. Also, a very easy experience to manage the site with little support from developers when doing things like adding products, checking customers out and running basic sales reports. Not to mention the other standard features like security, inventory management, content marketing and other factors which are common among eCommerce businesses these days.

Forever Feminine and Computan opted for WooCommerce for this job. We chose WooCommerce because it’s a very customizable shopping cart where the developer can update the core logic of the platform. It also would be easy for Forever Feminine to use and they can always find staff that knows WordPress or WooCommerce fairly easy. That isn’t always the case with a proprietary platform. From a technical standpoint WooCommerce made sense to account for the custom rules and logic found in Forever Feminine’s legacy custom shopping cart. From a cost-standpoint it helps Forever Feminine for the long-term as well. It certainly wasn’t an easy decision to come to, but both sides felt it was the right one!

End Result

Forever Feminine’s new WooCommerce online store is a significant upgrade from what they had previously. While the design and aesthetics continue to be ironed out, split-tested and modified based on feedback from their following, the ease at which content can be made and products updated is a huge win for them. Years of transactions, user accounts and data was safely migrated over and their business is more transparent to ownership than the black box it kind of had become. We’re all excited to see them on WooCommerce and primed to own the future!

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