Project Summary

Computan recently received a project proposal where the team had to Integrate HubSpot with Xero. What’s the big deal, right? Because native integration between these two tools is available by default. HubSpot offers integration with the accounting software, as per which you can send contacts, invoices, and items from Xero to HubSpot and keep them in sync. But the client didn't just want to sync the contacts.

The Issue Faced by the Client

Computan team was tasked to accomplish a custom integration between HubSpot and Xero. We had to code from scratch because native integration between HubSpot and Xero only supports;

  • Xero Contacts to HubSpot Contacts and vice versa (Bidirectional)
  • Xero Invoices to HubSpot Invoices (Unidirectional)
  • Xero Items to HubSpot Products and vice versa (Bidirectional)

Our client wanted more specific integration related to accounting and invoicing to support their business process.

Project Requirements

Our Client wanted invoices and companies synced from Xero to HubSpot as deals. That’s why we took the route of custom integration.

Invoices/Companies in Xero -> Deals in HubSpot


Our team dug the invoices generated in Xero and mapped them in HubSpot as HubSpot Deals, matched the fields, and created companies to integrate the two tools per the client’s requirements successfully.

The invoices generated in Xero were fetched using the APIs provided by Xero

The team created Deals in HubSpot for each invoice through HubSpot API

Fields were different for every requirement, but the general ones were the same;

  • Deal name
  • Amount
  • Close Date
  • Associated Contacts
  • Associated Companies
  • Products (Line Items)


After a successful test run, the custom integration project was delivered to the client. Our client now has companies and invoices synced between HubSpot and Xero, which was not possible in the first place through the default integration.

Computan Team Members

- Shaban

- Rashed