Braython is a program developed by Computan developers to create website speed reports. Users can test their website for GTmatrix, Page Speed Insight, and ADA compliance performance all in one report. You don’t have to generate three different reports by testing your website on all three website analyzers.

Braython gives you all the essential metrics and highlights the necessary issues you need to resolve to optimize your website for better speed, search engine rankings, and ADA compliance.

Once the report is generated and the website is optimized, you can re-check your website using Braython to see the difference your optimization made. Compare the before and after optimization reports to validate the effectiveness of the tool.


How did we build the all-in-one website analysis report?

Languages used – Python (Django). HTML, CSS, JS.

For GTmetrix and Pagespeed – Gtmetrix and Pagespeed are two popular tools for website speed testing. Both tools provide their respective APIs, which our team used to pull necessary data and reports from the two tools. So, if you need reports from both tools, you need not test your website using these two different tools. Simply enter your website name, email, and company and generate a report from Braython, which contains reports from both Gtmatrix and PageSpeed.

AccessiBe – AcessiBe offers web accessibility solutions for ADA and WCAG compliance. WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Both these guidelines in place make sure your website is accessible to people with disabilities as well.

AccessiBe doesn’t provide its direct API to use, so Computan team had to do scrapping in order to fetch the report data from AccessiBe.

Once the team got the response back from these APIs and from scraping, the team reformatted the data as per the Braython report and sent it to the email provided by the user.

Why do you need a website report?

Hundreds of major and minor actions are performed on the website every minute. They get started as soon as the webpage is live. The first task of the website is to protect itself from harmful cyber attacks. Any insecure line of code of plugin (in case of WordPress) or use of any third-party app (in case of HubSpot) can put your website's security at risk. You wouldn't know about these damages until you see a significant change on your website that you or none of your team members made.

The following primary task is to be on top of the search results, which will happen if you optimize your website according to the guidelines Google has set and the content that your target audience wants to read.

To sell your product or services, you want your website visitors to take some necessary action on the website. It could be filling up the form, making a purchase, or anything else.

A website report tells you whether or not these functions are performing well on the website. If you do not analyse your website repeatedly, you may have a website that is...

  • Vulnerable to cyber attacks
  • Not optimized for Google and target audience
  • Not all functions on your website work properly

For example, if your website speed is not good, visitors will likely close the tabs even before it opens. You could lose a potential customer or a client because your website failed to display its content on time. To avoid such scenarios, you need to check the website. When you check your website for page speed and see heavy coding files and images, you need to reduce to speed up your website. There could be lots of redirections on your website causing the slow speed, or a hacker placed a malicious code on your website, stopping it from loading on time. You can only know the exact reason through website analysis checks and reports.

Team members involved in the project

Developers: Maisum Abbas and Ahtasham

Project Managers: Bratislav Brankovic  and Mohammad Kassem