Sajid Ali-2

Meet Sajid! One of Computan’s HubSpot Team Leads on the Front-end development team.  He is a guru of HubSpot theme development, an intense team player, practical joker and spiritual person all rolled into one.  Not to mention he is one of the best email template builders around.  In this episode of Behind The Coding Sajid talks to us about his favourite movies, leaders he’d like to have dinner with and how his identity at home is the exact opposite of his identity in the office.

Hi Sajid! How are you? 

I am good, Sajeel.  How are you? 

Good thanks! What are the last three things you Googled? 

HubSpot Best Themes  

What are you looking for when you search for the best HubSpot Themes? 

I am looking for modules and inspiration to use in future themes we build. 

So you go to Google, find the best themes, and then see what comes up? 

Yes! Exactly! 

What did you find? 

Some nice sliders, banners, and other things.  We can learn a lot and be inspired by the other HubSpot developers out there. 

Ok! What else have you been Googling? 

Islamic Poetry (Naats)  

Which one specifically? 

There is one that says – ‘the world is a sea, but the shore is Madina’ (holy city in Islam).  I really like this one. 

That is nice! What do you think it means? 

I think it’s kind of like if you are drowning or lost in the sea, faith is your way to safety…the shore.  But I am not sure! 

It is a poem, and I guess it’s open to interpretation! 

Yes! Exactly. 

What else have you been Googling?  

Pagination Isotope 

What for? 

I was looking for different examples for some complex filtering one of our agency clients needed.  Thankfully I got some good inspiration from it, and we are ready to roll! 

When was the last time you sat after hours to solve a hard problem? 

It was three years ago.  There was a site that we built for an agency.  It was an agency’s website, and they required many custom animations to be controlled by HubSpot modules.  Since animations are something I like, I decided to help out a colleague with that after hours!   

I remember that site! The good thing is the site still uses those modules. 

Yes! They still do.   

Who are 3 people you'd like to have dinner (dawaat) with at the same time and why? 

Salahuddin Ayubi 

Why Salahuddin Ayubi? 

Well, just to see what his views on life are.  He was a great leader many centuries ago. 

Ok! Who else? 

Tariq Jamil 

Tariq Jamil – the scholar? 

Yes exactly. He is another interesting person, and I would be curious to know his thoughts on different current events. 

And who would be the third guest? 

Imran Khan.  Sporting hero and former Prime Minister of Pakistan. 

Why would you like to talk to him? 

I think growing up, everyone idolized him for his sporting abilities.  Winning a world cup in cricket for Pakistan as he did is huge. Then, for him to become the country's leader in the role of Prime Minister is equally as impressive.  He’s a hero for many all around. 

Definitely! What would you guys eat? 

Traditional Indo-pak food.  Mutton curry, kababs, barbeque items.  I think all three would like those things!   

When was the last time you cried tears of laughter? 

Happens often in the office.  When I am around colleagues like Ahmad Hassan (HubSpot Developer), Muhammad Uzair (HubSpot Developer), and Aamir Aslam (HubSpot team lead).  We are all fun-loving guys and have lots of fun in the office together. 

Who is the primary target of your jokes? 

Ahmad Hassan.  For sure.  Sorry, Ahmad! 

Hahaha! When was the first time you saw a laptop/computer 

I was 8 or 9 years old.  My older brother got a Desktop Pentium 2.  I used to watch movies and songs on it mostly at that time! 

What are some of your favorite movies and music to listen to? 

I like IP Man.  That is one of my favorite movies.  I usually listen to and watch Punjabi music and Punjabi movies.  I don’t think you would enjoy those. 

Music has no language! I can watch Punjabi movies with the subtitles 

It’s not the same, though.  You don’t feel the dialogue in the same way! 

I guess that’s true too, yes.  What is something your teammates don't know about you? 

That I am short-tempered.   

No, you aren’t.  We have worked together for years, and I don’t think I have ever seen you upset. 

That’s what I am saying! I have no patience. 

You are one of the most patient people on the team. 

I am very calm at the office, but my home life is crazy.  I have a few kids, and my family lives very close, so we always spend lots of time together.  When that happens, all my nieces and nephews come around, and some little kids run around and make noise. 

Ah! So you are not a fan of kids making noise! 

Absolutely not.  A little noise is ok, but I get really upset with too much noise. 

And there are no kids at the office.  So we never see your temper.