If you’ve discovered the HubSpot’s COS you’ll know that you have your business connected to a innovative content management system that makes better use of customer intelligence. The benefits of the COS extend from responsive builds to a easy to use drag and drop website builder.  

The simplicity and intelligence that HubSpot offers allows marketers and businesses to easily create website and landing pages directly on the platform. Sure, HubSpot’s tools are easy to use, but to get the most aesthetically pleasing results for your website, coding is a must.


Building templates on HubSpot COS

Assuming you’re not a designer, HubSpot still offers many features that can help you get well on your way with inbound strategies and content creation. The default templates provide you with page layouts and several styles to choose from on an easy interface. 

You are also able to create your own templates using the Design manager. This drag and drop builder provides ready to use modules to help you create structure and a design sensibility that meets your branding.

HubSpot provides you with the necessary tools to build your web pages and optimize your content, however without the knowledge of how to code or design on the HubSpot platform your aesthetics may need some work. Coding can take your default templates and turn them into your brand’s identity. Custom modules are great at doing this and make it simple for the marketer to be able to go back in and use once the coding has been completed.

Benefits of using a HubSpot developer

Using one of HubSpots design partners can help your website get the face lift it needs to stand out from the competition. Coding help will get you to build the HubSpot template that your designer envisioned in their Photoshop design. The design manager is a great tool for this job as it lets the developer code custom modules to create advanced features that can be added to your pages. Custom modules support HTML, CSS, Javascript, and HubL, giving developers plenty of tools to utilize for all of your advanced features.

Here are a few examples of custom modules that can be aesthetically enhanced with a little coding assistance:

  • Custom image galleries or image sliders
  • A list of events
  • An employee list module with images and bios
  • A section that allows the user to toggle CSS classes to control its presentation


Finding a HubSpot developer

HubSpot’s drag and drop template builder is great for simple website design, however to maximize your website’s effectiveness, using a certified HubSpot COS developer is important. Coding will help your bring your design to the next level. If you are looking to outsource web development for HubSpot take advantage of our free quote and to see how we can bring your design vision to life watch the video tutorial below.   

how to build HubSpot templates from a photoshop design file