Successful landing pages are designed to drive conversion. It takes a mixture of design sensibility and compelling content to make a winning landing page.

For marketers focused on driving sales for clients, HubSpot has emerged as the go-to marketing software. Not only does the inbound software allow you to develop and optimize brilliant landing pages it also allows you to track those pages and the campaigns that surround them.

While the marketers focus is on developing out each stage of the marketing funnel, the design they create must be replicated using HubSpot’s template builder.

These are the HubSpot best practices for building and designing your HubSpot landing pages.

Create a landing page template

HubSpot offers a variety of free and purchasable marketplace templates that you can use to match your branding on their platform. Your other option is to create custom templates using their drag and drop template. If you choose the later option, you will need design a mockup and then convert that into your own unique template. You can watch a video tutorial on exactly how to do that here.


HubSpot Best practices for designing a landing page mockup

  • Choose high quality, eye-catching visuals that help your potential customers envision what using your product would mean
    • A video also works in the instance to show a demonstration of the product or service
  • Highlight the most important parts of your offer using headlines and contrasting, yet complimentary colours
    • Make sure there is a combination of white space and colour/content
  • Utilize eye-catching CTA’s to tell buyers to take a definitive action
  • Build out an appropriate lead-capture form
  • Do not overcrowd your page, find a balance in the information you provide
  • Ensure that your layout design is responsive 
  • Include social proof


HubSpot Design Partners can help

You will be spending most of your time designing the physcology of the landing page and then building out a marketing campaign to attract leads. Many marketers hand off the development and build of their HubSpot templates to a HubSpot developer who can manipulate the template builders modules with advanced coding to create functionally beautiful designs that consistently match your brand and help your lead conversion strategy.


Discover how the assistance of a HubSpot development partner can help you accomplish high converting, sales driven landing pages. Take advantage of Computan's free quote here

how to build HubSpot templates from a photoshop design file