If your business is considering moving onto the HubSpot CRM, you are probably conducting some thorough research to uncover the advantages and disadvantages that this marketing software can offer to your business.

From an analytical, responsive, ease-of-use and ROI tracking standpoint, HubSpot offers a sophisticated one stop shop for all of your needs.  Returning to the ease-of-use standpoint, HubSpot is user-friendly period. It’s easy to navigate and their drag and drop template builder allows not-so-tech savvy marketers to build out designs and templates for anything including landing pages and emails.

HubSpot's plethora of marketplace templates and models make designing a breeze. But what if you need to build your own template that needs to be customized to meet your brand's needs?

These are the pros and cons of building templates with HubSpot:


What is a template

A template is the coded version of your mockup or wireframe. To make up your website and/or marketing needs, you could need a number of different landing page, email, site page and blog templates. In HubSpot you are able to design your template without using coding. HubSpot's drag and drop builder includes pre-coded general modules that you can edit to meet your design needs. 


Pros of the HubSpot Template Builder

Ease of Use

A standout of the HubSpot interface is that it is easy to use. Meaning, the interface is clean and directive.


Drag and Drop 

The layout builder tool on HubSpot will allow you to drag and drop modules into place in order to create your template. Very little coding knowledge is required. The modules is the template builder are plentiful and are all responsive, so you can preview your design on any size screen.



When you need a custom feature on your page you can create and code a custom module to help you achieve the functionality you need. HubSpot also allows you to apply various style sheets to your templates to keep your branding consistent across your designs. This is accomplished using the HubSpot Code Editor. 


Cons of the HubSpot Template Builder

Limited Customization of Modules

You are unable to modify the markup of HubSpot’s pre-built modules, this means that it may be difficult to realize your design. You are able to create your own custom modules, in these situations. However, it would be easier to just adapt the original coding.


Limited customization options if you do not know coding

HubSpots Code Editor will allow you to create customized templates however it requires an expert coder who is proficient with the HubSpot platform in order to achieve the customization you require.


Custom Modules

The same goes with custom modules in HubSpot. In some cases, in order to meet your specific design needs, HubSpot’s generalized modules may not be able to help you. You will need to create your own coded module in order to accomplish your goal.


Building HubSpot Templates & Finding Help 

The good thing is that there are plenty expert HubSpot COS developers out there who can help you achieve the custom functionality that you need. Like any system, HubSpot is not perfect however, the benefits it offers to a marketer outweigh the difficulties of the template builder. Especially considering most of these can be overcome with the help of a HubSpot COS developer.

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