What makes a website designed by a marketing agency stand out from a standard design firm is the strategy behind the design. Marketers view the way a website should function and the purpose it should serve for customers very differently. This is their skill and it's why so many marketing agencies are successful in generating money making digital homes for their clients.

Website design contracts are a lucrative line of business for any agency, having a number of these projects in the pipeline is just good business. If you are struggling to win web design projects it's time to go back to the basics, tweak your sell, preach what you do best and build a solid foundation.

We work in the back-end for businesses every day, below is how we consistently see smart marketing agencies grow their website design clients.


They sell their difference

As touched on above, the way a marketer approaches web design is very different. The way content needs to be structured, the positioning of headlines and CTA's these are all design features yes, but they are also strategic marketing moves.

Smart marketing agencies sell their knowledge foundation, the key difference. They sell this behind a digital marketing campaign and then by demonstrating their knowledge with in person meetings or phone calls.


They concentrate on what they do best

Marketers who concentrate on what they do best, produce better websites. These are marketers who perhaps can build a website, but know their time is spent better doubling down on the strategy behind the website.

Marketing agencies excel when they structure the project management of their web design projects to allow each team member to flex their strengths. This means a sales person, a strategy person, a web designer, a web developer and a project manager may all touch on the project. When you find success in your process, it shows in the work produced.


They develop solid working partnerships

For many marketing agencies having an in-house designer or developer isn't always financially feasible. Instead, work is outsourced out to a designer or developer. Before an agency starts working towards growth in their website redesign business, they need to establish solid working partners with their outsourced web development help or their freelancers. Once you have found a partner that is reliable, provides expert advice/input and most importantly delivers an incredible product, your agency will be ready to grow.


A solid foundation is the only way to launch any successful business. Marketing agencies have an advantage when it comes to website redesigns and they need to know this and sell this. If you're looking to optimize website redesign projects to produce better websites download our free guide. Alternatively, if you're in need of a reliable back-end partner, connect with us here. 

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