We all know the key to excellent digital marketing is killer content.

Think of the last piece of content that blew you away. What were the elements that made it so good? Was it because it was engaging? Visual? Informative? Attention grabbing? What elements gave it that lasting impression?

Killer content comes in many, many forms but video is the content of right now and video animation is just one way marketers are elevating their content marketing strategies.


Video animation to explain your business or product

Explainer video has taken off and for good reason. Businesses large and small are using explainers to quickly and easily detail how their product or service solves customers problems. Businesses are favouring this type of content because it is easy to digest and requires minimal effort, most beneficially, it drives conversion rates up.


Video animation to tell a story

Similar to the case of video explainers, using video animation to tell a story has become a popular content marketing strategy. Storytelling in video is an incredible way to drive engagement and encourage social sharing. When storytelling is done right using video animation, you are able to connect your audience with your brand to drive a connection. One of the most memorable uses of storytelling using video and animation can be found here.


To emphasize your point

We have been using animated text to drive home points since Powerpoint was created. What works in Powerpoint translates incredibly well on video too. Often when we create a video, be it a commercial or a learning tool, there are a number of points that we want to emphasize, this is where animation can be used to truly make an impact.


Video for branding

Many business has begun to invest their time in video blogging because of this animated intros and outros have become a tool to tie content to a brand. Animation is helping business cement and own their content. But branding with animation is much more than intros and outros, think about what commercials do for brand building.


Animation works across many platforms

Video quite simply translate across all platforms and as the most digested form of content, it is a mistake not to use it.


Finding an animated video production company

Creating videos takes commitment. Creating video that stands out and makes an impact takes an expert touch. When you're on the search for a animated video production company to work for, be thorough, check out their work portfolio, get a sense of their storytelling abilities and creativity and then really commit together to producing something killer.


There are many reasons to choose to use animated video for business marketing, for one it grabs the audiences attention and for another it's hosted on an engaging medium that allows for quick and concise communication. If you are looking to start using animation in your content strategies get a free quote below.

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