Some of the biggest brands in the world are using video animation to propel their content marketing strategies. Video animation can serve many functions, it can be demonstrative like this product overview video from Facebook, it can be the driving force behind a campaign like this Disney Share Your Ears advertisement and it can be used to brand a small business like our own videos here.

As marketing agencies strive to up their video content marketing game in 2017, they're looking for ways to stand out and ehance and video animation can be that ticket. 


What is Video Content Marketing?

Marketing leaders, including HubSpot are positing video as the new leading medium for content marketing. Right now video is everywhere and that is because it plays right into how most of the online population likes to absorb information. Not only do statistics show that video improves conversion rates across the board but 90% of internet users say that video has helped or influenced their buying decisions. These compelling statistics are why 87% of digital marketers are using video content marketing as apart of the companies strategies. Click here to learn more about the power of video.


How can you use video content marketing effectively?

The most popular videos on the internet revolve around music, comedy and news, but many digital marketers are using videos for opinion pieces, explainers, how-to's and product information outlets. With any video you need to find a value proposition, why will your video be useful to your buyer personas? You also need to consider whether your content could be better disseminated in a blog or another content marketing tool.


What role does video animation play?

In order to build a successful video content marketing strategy you need to be invested. Part of that investment should be branding your videos and this can be done with simple intros and outro's for your content. Using an intro or an outro or both allows you to introduce your (new) audience to your brand and offer direction to your website. It can be a quick 2-5 seconds thing or longer.

Animation can play a larger role in your video content marketing strategy, motion graphics, when done right, are entertaining, memorable and a sales motivator. Many marketers use animation to drive home the story in their video or to make a bigger point about the visuals present in the video.


Marketers may be leary to include animation into their video content marketing strategy , but brands like Coca Cola, Energizer, Nike amoung others show us that it truly works. Want to learn more about using video animation for business advertising campaigns or to see what small businesses are doing to capitalize on this digital tool click here.

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