Landing pages help businesses increase conversions through targeting and specificity. The beauty of a landing page is that not only does it act as an extension of your website, it also allows you to create a single objective or intent for your advertising campaigns.

As one of the most popular platforms for hosting websites WordPress is the first place businesses may think of to create their landing pages. We've compiled some advice below we hope that you'll find helpful on how to create a landing page in WordPress.


Using WordPress to create a Landing Page

The WordPress web pages your website is built on are not conducive to the best practices of landing pages. There are a number of reasons for this namely, the presence of navigation and the lack of built in analytical data. To build a high converting landing page in WordPress you need to be creative. Whether that is downloading a WordPress landing page plugin, using a blank template page or using analytical tacking tools (like a HubSpot CTA) from other softwares. 

There are a ton of free and paid WordPress landing page templates available to you, they serve many different purposes and will give you the opportunity to apply your own branding. Alternatively, you can use a blank template and with the help of CSS you can build your landing page design. 

If you are looking for a more out of the box solution that provides the opportunity to track analytical data you may consider one of the webs best landing page builders like Leadpages, Unbounce or HubSpot. 


WordPress Alternatives


LeadPage maintains that it is the internet #1 landing page builder. The software provides hundreds of responsive templates that are easy to manipulate into your own. With built-in optimization tools you can run campaigns that collect leads across multiple sources. Pricing starts at $25 monthly.


Unbounce is a similar product to lead pages and promises no developers or coding required. You can easily build your Photoshop design into a template or choose from their large library of responsive templates. Unbounce promises integration with WordPress and various analytics tools, so that you can easily track conversions. Pricing starts at $49 monthly


Mobile-optimized, an easy drag and drop builder, a large library template and personalized content based on visitor information. HubSpot helps users build professional looking landing pages with built in analytics and the option to A/B test every element. HubSpot's software extends beyond landing pages if you're looking for an all-in-one marketing solution. Pricing starts at $200 monthly.


Once you've found the platform to build your landing page on your developer can help you achieve any design specifications that you need. Do you have questions about landing pages and the best platform? Connect with us below. 

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