If you're about to begin the journey of building a business online you're probably a) excited and b) overwhelmed. Afterall, there's a lot to consider. Your business model, your branding, controlling inventory and finding the right ecommerce platform for your store are just a few things you're likely thinking about. You are about to begin a journey and we're here to help you do it right. 

As an ecommerce developer across multiple platforms, everyday we help our clients technically to make decisions to drive online sales. This includes advising on what ecommerce platform will be best for their online stores and then buiding a home to make their vision into a reality. 


The Best Platform for an Online Store

There are a lot of factors to consider when you go to choose the best ecommerce platform for your business. This includes future decision like your growth plans. The platform that you choose should meet your needs now but also be able to expand with you. The platform you choose will also depend on your comfort with technology, the amount of money you are willing to invest upfront and the systems you are currently using (if you own a brick and motar business).

Below you'll find a breakdown of four of the the platforms we see our clients working from the most. We've considered the questions we get the most in creating this infographic. This will likely allow you to consider one or two and then the further research is up to you or you can request a consult with one of our ecommerce experts.


Getting Started with Your Ecommerce Website

Choosing a platform: Advice from the Experts

We suggest looking at the below platforms to start your journey. These are some of the most used platforms in the world and will allow you to create an online store that you can be proud of.

how to choose the best ecommerce platform


We hope that this infographic has helped you quickly learn more about the ecommerce solutions that are available to you. We chose the ones above because they are consistently great platforms for our clients and will give you the greatest ability to thrive online. Want to learn more about what you new ecommerce home could look like? Request a free quote or consultation below. 

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