When we have the rights tools, our jobs get easier.

Certainly, when it comes to inbound marketing, there are tools that we need in order to be successful in our strategies. We need tools to house content, tools for dissemination, tools for data and tools for optimization, the list goes on.

There are arguments out there surrounding which tools and platforms are the best to help our efforts, yet one of the most asked about is WordPress. 

WordPress's popularity is undeniable and so too is it's ease of use. Although WordPress may not be the best platform to run a inbound strategy (in terms of completeness of tools) it certainly is an easy platform to do so from. 


WordPress and Inbound Marketing 

On WordPress you are free to build whatever you want and this means you can easily include each element you need to be inbound friendly. Firstly, it should be noted that your inbound marketing success ultimately lies in the quality of your content and the products or services you offer. To use WordPress for inbound marketing, you can make an inbound website to act as the base for your strategy.

Think of what you need to run a successful inbound campaign. You need content that is well optimized and considers SEO, you need web pages that are designed for conversion, you need an analytics tool and you need content dissemination networks. All of the above are either already built into WordPress or can be built into WordPress. It's a platform truly set up to help your strategy succeed.


HubSpot WordPress Plugin and Integration 

If you are deploying inbound strategies you are likely using HubSpot as a tool. If you are, you'll be happy to know that HubSpot and WordPress integrate seamlessly thanks to a HubSpot built plugin. It's a very simple set up and very quickly your WordPress site data can be tracked for strategic insights. You can also add simple code snippets to your WordPress site in order to populate your website with HubSpot CTA's and forms.

If you are not using HubSpot, you can still install plugins on WordPress that will provide the analyitc insights that you need. For instance, there's Google Analytics, heat mapping technology and HubSpot Free.


There are many, many companies using WordPress for inbound marketing, we do! The integration with HubSpot helps us drive better inbound campaigns and we love the ease of a WordPress site. 

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