Outsourcing web development has become a popular option for marketing departments around the world.  Some marketing executives think that hiring a new web developer to create and manage their sites is the start and end of their development work.  Easy right? Wrong. There are steps to follow to make sure you have a smooth and satisfactory product, and aren’t you lucky? Here they are!


What skills should your outsourced web development team have?

Before starting you need to look for the skills that your web developer will need to have.  What language, technology stack or types of applications do they need to build or maintain? In order to determine what type of skills you will require, youneed to determine what kind of website and applications you need assistance with. Also if you’re looking to outsource web development, a simple way to evaluate technical talent is to ask the developer to write a simple program or to show some of his/her portfolio.  If you don't know what you want the person to do you had better figure that out before you start looking to outsource.  That's like hiring a chauffer without owning a car first!


How to Outsource Web Development

Outsourcing is a vital skill to develop for all business owners, it allows growth and leverages your time.  Allowing you to focus on big picture items or other important matters.  Hare are 3 clear tips for you! The first tip is for the web developer and the two other tips are for marketing executives or people hiring them..

1. Know what you are getting into - 'It’s important to understand what kind of organization you’re getting into.  What systems and technology do they use? Do you know it? Can you integrate or enhance it? The analysis will then cover all the aspects of your business and your needs especially on how the website is going to be merged with their existing system. Another important thing is finding the target audience. Then, all the present hardware, software, people and data should be carefully calculated.

2. Set clear goals and time frame - Busines owners don't need to be an expert at everything your business offers.  However, you need to supervise business activities. You don't need to implement the CRM by yourself, but you obviously need to know how it helps you and if it's worth the investment.  Keeping an overview of outsourced projects is no different to managing full time staff and will confirm you’re not paying for work you don’t need.

3. Keep it simple -  Your outsourcing partner needs to be accessibe.  You can't have one or two people with knowledge on processes, passwords and information stuck in their head.  Particularly as your business grows.  Set up simple systems and procedures from the start and even put adhering to those standards in the outsourcing contract if you have to.   Remember, outsourcing is all about allowing you to achieve more and grow your business.  

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how to outsource web development successfully