When you’re using WordPress for inbound marketing, there are so many tools you can use, but some have more advantages than others.

WordPress and HubSpot integrate very well, and there are many ways you can take advantage of this awesome partnership. In fact, you should definitely use them both together!

If you’re working with a developer or you’re doing it on your own, there are some things you should know.

Here’s how you can leverage the HubSpot integration with WordPress and take your marketing efforts to new heights.


Extra Analytics Through HubSpot’s Tracking Code

Once you integrate HubSpot and WordPress using the easy-to-install plugin, HubSpot will install a tracking code on your website. If you aren’t familiar with this plugin, read our how-to guide.

This means you have more opportunities to look at your traffic, because you now have WordPress stats and HubSpot stats to analyze.

You can never have too much data to work with!


HubSpot Forms and WordPress

One of HubSpot’s many convenient features is the variety of forms you can make that are all very easy to use. You can make new forms in HubSpot and embed them on your WordPress site, for a variety of purposes- from collecting emails to make segmented lists to promoting special offers.

WordPress doesn’t have a native form tool, so it’s harder to use forms if you don’t have HubSpot to help you. Having multiple forms is a key resource for gaining different information about your subscribers and contacts, which will help you target your advertising more directly.


Optimize Your Blogs With HubSpot’s Page Performance Tool

You have the option to have your blogs live in either WordPress or HubSpot. Whichever option you choose, you can (and should) take advantage of HubSpot’s Page Performance tool.

The Page Performance tool will show you a variety of data about your website, all of which can be useful when you’re working on your strategy. It’s important to know how your blogs are doing, and which areas you should change to make them do better.


Using HubSpot Developers For WordPress

HubSpot developers can work with many platforms, and integrate them together for you. Most HubSpot developers love to work with WordPress integration because they have so many extra tools to use and play with.

Hiring a HubSpot development team to make your website shine is a great idea if you want to maximise your marketing strategy and take your business to the next level. Developers are always ready to help you with tricks and tips they’ve learned along the way, and they will be an asset to your website’s growth.

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