Ecommerce and marketing go hand-in-hand. HubSpot and its ecommerce integration tools are great ecommerce solutions for your growing business. If you are implementing ecommerce best practices, you are communicating the data from your ecommerce website with your marketing software. Thankfully, HubSpot can be integrated with ecommerce platforms that include Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce and Core Commerce. HubSpot’s inbound methodology can be directly applied to ecommerce and will help you measure your marketing efforts. If you’re ready to take the next step, here is some guidance on how to use HubSpot for ecommerce.

Converting Traffic into Sales

Did you know that 95% of visitors will not buy anything on their first visit to your website? When you’re working with HubSpot, you can keep track of data, such as abandoned carts, so you can create a personalized marketing strategy for your audience. Create customized landing pages for your ads so users are sent to the right place right away.

Personalize your Marketing Efforts

For ecommerce website optimization, you will need to personalize your marketing efforts for different buyer personas. When you integrate your ecommerce website with HubSpot, you can collect data to segment your audiences. This means you can send email marketing campaigns to a specific group. HubSpot also allows you to send an on-board email when you generate a new lead.

Track your Customers

Being able to see the websites that your customers visit, their purchase history and their search behaviour allows you to optimize your ecommerce website. With HubSpot, your ecommerce site supports this data and can create a detailed report for you. This will ultimately allow you to see how your marketing efforts are doing.

Find a HubSpot Website Developer

If you’re ready to use HubSpot for your ecommerce business, it is in your best interest to find a HubSpot Website Developer. They can help you use all of HubSpot’s sophisticated features to grow your website. If you’re growing your ecommerce website and looking to HubSpot as a solution, contact us for a quote.

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