I know getting 'more website traffic' is an outdated concept. We would love to get 50 serious visitors rather than 50,000 non-serious internet surfers on the internet. But hear me out or read me out. Website traffic is your Top of The Funnel or TOFU. That's where you have your leads in bulk.

The bulk leads don't have to be non-serious. If you target the right keywords, you get a serious audience. However, they might not be instantly ready to buy from you because they are still at the initial stage of your sales cycle. You have to nurture them to move forward in the sales cycle, which you can do on the website.

This is where integrations come into play. Some help you keep visitors on the website, and some help visitors engage with your website and some help you close deals in less time.

Decrease Your Website's Bounce Rate

Live Chat Integration

Live chat simplifies the process for potential customers, eliminating several steps they would otherwise need to take. As consumers, we appreciate having our post-sale issues resolved and pre-sale questions answered promptly through live chat. This feature keeps users on the website, significantly reducing the bounce rate.
Some of the popular Live Chat HubSpot integrations include



Intercom helps you expand your funnel by capturing leads 24/7 with chatbots. Users can automatically qualify leads and send the best ones to HubSpot for nurturing. Leave behind the manual addition of every single lead to your HubSpot CRM.

Once the leads are added to the CRM, your sales team can continue the conversations where the chatbots left off.
You can even set dates, keywords or URLs as the workflow triggers from intercom conversations. For example, automatically nurture leads that ask for 'pricing' or 'package.'



LiveChat adds the chat transcript and the visitor's name to the contact records so the sales team can see where to lead the conversation.

Since the transcripts of conversations are updated with the contact, the customer service agents can offer quicker and smarter support services.

Ultra Twilio Sync by Ulgebra


With Twilio, you can reply to messages from HubSpot CRM, keeping clients updated with conditional messages and workflows. These features are additional ones to the live chat feature. You can send Twilio messages from any HubSpot contact, deal, ticket, or company and save message history in the activity timeline.

Exit intent pop-up forms

I love its explanation because every word in the name tells us what it is.

Exit – When the user wants to exit a webpage for any reason

Intent – Give something to the user to grab his/her attention, give him/her a purpose to stay on the webpage

Pop-op – Something that suddenly pops up on the screen for the user.

Form – A form pops up on the screen with some exciting offers.

Let's combine the definitions. When the user wants to exit a webpage, we give them an exciting and attractive offer that pops up in front of them. The offer is generally a form the user must fill out.



Typeform lets you quickly create forms that send new contacts, customers, and deals to your HubSpot account. With AI, you can now personalize the customer experience. Question branching, tailored questions based on responses, segmentation of audience based on outcome Typeform offers you many treats to enjoy.

Easily embed and track your forms to find the best places in your HubSpot account to collect and nurture contacts.

You can choose an embedded form, a dedicated webpage for the form, or an exit intent pop-up form. Be sure to follow the best practices for each form type. An exit intent form should be led by an exciting offer and then lead to a detailed form.



Using Jotform, you can create a form to collect data using the drag-and-drop feature or custom coding. Then, populate your HubSpot account with responses from the people submitting the form.

Decrease the Deal Closing Time

Wouldn't you love that, seriously? Here are some integrations you can do with HubSpot that help you decrease the deal closing time. Instead of pushing the client to close, apply these to your sales processes so the clients slide toward you.



DocuSign eSignature is a document signing tool that lets you legally and securely collect approvals online in just minutes. Instead of dealing with lengthy manual signing processes, you can speed up agreements and boost productivity. It's the top choice for sending and signing documents online.

The DocuSign and HubSpot Integration lets you:

  • Customize mapping fields between HubSpot and DocuSign.
  • Review and manage DocuSign envelope statuses directly from contact, company, or deal records.
  • Manage associations and create or attach new DocuSign envelopes.
  • View envelope history and details, including recipient status, senders, and dates.
  • Attach new DocuSign envelopes from templates and access the envelope editor.



Stay on top of meeting scheduling. Don't let your customers/clients wait in line, which can slow down the buying process.

Let them know your availability in advance and book a meeting in the available slot.

With Calendly and HubSpot integration, the meeting bookings are automatically added and updated in HubSpot CRM. 

  • You can enable instant scheduling from your website with Calendly Routing + HubSpot Forms.
  • You can embed Calendly on your HubSpot site and include scheduling links in HubSpot emails.
  • Automatically create and update contacts and activities in HubSpot when meetings are scheduled or changed.
  • Collect information from custom questions and add it to HubSpot contacts.
  • Track and measure Calendly activity in HubSpot.

Improve Website Performance

Your website's On-Page, content quality, and design correlate to getting more website traffic. Although HubSpot has its website grading tool and analytics reports, the following integrations go a level deep and open up new dashboards of opportunities.



An SEO Professional's ultimate tool is to clean the website from all errors and polish it to give it a shining look. It covers on-page SEO, off-page SEO, advertising, social media, backlinking, and whatnot.

SEMRush and HubSpot integration allows you to:

  • Receive enriched data on prospects and leads for deeper evaluation.
  • Maintain and organize essential customer information like contact details, budgets, and statuses.
  • Create Client Portals for better collaboration with clients.
  • Quickly gather data and create engaging PDF pitches and reports.

When your website is error-free, you hit the right keywords, create quality content, and see competitors' backlinks; you optimize your website for better online performance. You will likely receive more traffic because you keep search engines and users happy.