Meet Hamna! She’s Computan’s ace Technical Recruiter.  She searches the globe for the most talented and fun people to join our team and make the world a better place for marketers. In today’s Behind The Coding article, Hamna shows her amazing book knowledge, her addictions, and where she’d take an unknown guest for dinner.

Hi Hamna! What are the last three things you Googled? 

The most recent thing I Googled was prayer times. 

I know you pray regularly. Don’t you have those times memorized? 

No, Sajeel! It's not memorized. The times change a few minutes each day based on the lunar cycle, so I set my alarms daily for prayers.  

Ok, ok, fair.  What else did you Google recently?  

I searched for a good sunscreen. 

Interesting! Did you find it? 

Yes! I did.   

Wouldn’t you have a favorite brand or something already? 

I have sensitive skin and use season-specific sunscreen. So, I bought summer-specific sunscreen. 

And what was the third most recent thing you Googled? 

The prayer you’re supposed to say after you start your fast.  

Nice Hamna! When did you last work after hours to solve a hard problem? 

Probably two days ago! 

That recently? 

Yes! I was awake late screening resumes.   

For an urgent hiring? 

We have been scheduling interviews rapidly to keep our hiring cycle short.    

Ok! Who are three people you'd like to have dinner with at the same time, and why? They can be famous or non-famous.   

These people will be famous to me, but not to others. 

For sure! Who would you have dinner with? 

First would be my maternal Grandfather.  

Why would you want to have dinner with them? 

I visited him on summer vacations, and he greatly impacted me. 

How so? 

He taught all his grandchildren manners and different lessons. 

That sounds amazing, Hamna. What did he teach you? 

For me specifically? He taught me my love of reading. 

You’re a reader! I didn’t know that. 

Yeah, he would set aside the kid’s sections of the national newspaper each day for me to read and study.  He would read them, too, and then we would talk about those stories together. 

That blows me away. What a cool thing for a grandchild and grandparent to do! What books do you like to read? 

My favorite books are The 40 Rules of Love and Atomic Habits. I can read anything, and I read about 15-20 books a month.   

15-20 books a month! That is incredible. 

Yes, I will devour an 800-page book in 2 days max! I love reading.   

OK, who else would you invite to dinner? 

My uncle. 

OK, why your uncle? 

He’s a University Professor, and I love his calm demeanor.  He’s also always available to give life lessons. 

Nice. And your third person? 

It’s an unknown person whom I can’t wait to meet. 

Really? Can you share more? 

Well, it would be a person from whom I could get financial advice. 

What kind of financial advice? 

I would like someone who can help me invest my money and make it work better for me. I would also like better training in how to manage my money. 

That’s so interesting, Hamna! Where would you take this unknown person to eat? 

Well, you know I’m a foodie, so I would take them to Spice Bazaar or Baranh for Pakistani food. 

Very cool! When was the last time you cried tears of laughter? 

I don’t remember. It was probably some time with my University friends. We find humor in simple and funny situations. 

What do you love about your job, Hamna? 

I am a big talker and love talking to new people daily.  I have learned how to read people and be a good listener.  One challenge for me is starting small talk, and this job in the HR department has helped me improve there.    

You are a natural conversationalist, Hamna. When was the first time you saw a laptop/computer? 

Probably at my maternal grandfather’s house 

What did you do about it? 

I used to watch Tom & Jerry on CDs with it!  

What is something your teammates don't know about you? 

Oh, they know everything. My department teammate (Nadia Saleem, HR Director) already knows everything about me.