If you are looking for the ultimate job, you have several options to expand your search: jobs where waking up early won't be a big issue, some cool jobs that you'd probably pay them to work, and others which you wouldn't believe are even real at all. These jobs are so fun or strange that you wouldn't believe someone can pay you a salary to do it. 

Don't miss this funny jobs list:

1) Luxury bed tester:

Possibly the most relaxing job in the world.  Sleep in luxurious beds to test their quality. The job is to lie on a luxury bed in the middle of a store, sleep from 10 am to 6 pm, and then talk about the experience in a blog. The only requirement? Deep sleep.

2) Line-waiter:

It is as simple as standing in a line and waiting.  This is your hired honcho to wait in line for gadgets, concert tickets (if people still do that) or frantically hit the refresh or order now button on things you want to buy on Cyber Monday.  In China this is a really popular job.  In the US we have line-waiters that will wait in line on your behalf for a chance to talk to Congress.  .

3) Google Maps Bike photographer:

Cyclists must ride their bikes through historical sites where cars can't reach. Each bicycle has a high tube that supports nine cameras, a GPS, a computer and a power generator.

4) Food stylist:

These are people who work with advertising companies and photographers. They don't need to have studied something specific or to be part of a special industry.  They only need creativity to make food look appetizing.

5) Pencil sharpener:

A monopolized profession because currently there is only one person in the world dedicated to this - here's looking at you, David Rees! The sharpener of craft pencils. You can send him your own pencil or buy him a sharpened one. Rees puts it in a tube and sends it to you with a certificate of authenticity and ensuring that the tip won't break. Cost? $13 per pen! 

Which one would you like to try? Check out some of our other business humor for more laughs!

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