Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency is not an easy decision to make. There are always a lot of expectations and you need to make sure you make the best decision. But first you need to ask yourself:

Is my company ready to take on a Digital Marketing Agency?

1. Can you take on more business? Marketing done right means more business.  Is your company ready to start working with new clients? Do you have the necessary people to do the work? If so, then it’s a good time.

2. Are your processes clear? Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency means explaining your products and services to a new team that’s going to need to adapt to them. So make sure you’re 100% clear on what you do, how you do it and how to explain it.


3. Do you have a budget for this? It doesn’t matter if the undertaking is big or small.  Marketing isn't free, but it should be an investment.  Not a cost.  Do you have the budget to invest? 

4. Do you have clear goals? Marketing is HUGE, and it can help you in several things, from brand awareness to lead generation. What is it that you wish to obtain with your marketing efforts? Make sure you make this very clear to your agency.

Those are the main things to consider when hiring a digital marketing agency.  Then, once you find out that you're ready for agency help...you need to screen the marketing agency ocean for the right one.  That way you won't hate them right after you hire them!

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