Ever seen Taylor Swift promoting Keds – the Sneakers brand? Or George Clooney in a Nespresso Advertisement? Or Oprah promoting the Weight Watchers? Celebrities and their endorsements have a long relationship. National or global brands approach celebrities from movies, sports, or other popular domains to endorse or market their products and services through a billboard or a television commercial. And this strategy has been successful ever since this came into existence.

Cut to the Digital Marketing age. We see the same celebrities promoting brands/products/services on their social media channels. Of course, celebrities charge a hefty fee that’s why only a handful of businesses approach them. Other small and mid-sized brands also want to implement influencer marketing. Social media influencers fulfill their need to have their brand presented to the masses by a celebrity.

A lot goes into finding the right social media influencer and locking a deal with them. InBeat is an agency in that line of tasks that helps users find the right TikTok and Instagram influencers or their business/product/services.

Users Can Set Filters Based on Your Requirements

  • Users can also refine the searches according to their business requirements and choose some profiles as sample profiles.
  • Based on the sample profiles, InBeat can find out other profiles giving the users a decent number of profiles.
  • Users can see the engagement rate, followers, and Influencer’s location, among other parameters, while choosing the Influencer.
  • Once chosen, users can reach out to influencers to lock in a deal with them.
  • InBeat will also track the content and analytics of the chosen influencers, so you keep track of their activity and popularity on the respective platform.
  • Besides being a social media influencer tool, Inbeat also offers independent services such as content creation and UGC Marketing.

Why Choose Influencer Marketing?

If your business is new and your social media presence is not much, then without ads, it is tough or your business to survive. For that, too, you need an expert. Another option apart from paid ads is influencer marketing. You get your product/service or other content to reach your target audience much quicker. Influencers have already spent their time and effort building strong social media profiles with many followers. You can leverage that by signing a handsome deal with them in exchange for promoting your product/services in their videos and other posts.

It quickly builds trust among your target audience because you promote your product through a reliable source that the audience already trusts.

Having influencer content in your marketing campaign adds to another layer of the content module.

As soon as you finalize the deal with the Influencer and they publish the post, your content directly reaches the target audience.

If your relationship with the Influencer is good, you are in for regular content sharing on a popular social media profile and ROI.

All of this is possible when you connect with the right Influencer. And, that’s the first and might be the toughest because you have to go through several social media profiles on different channels to see which one would suit your business the best. When you find some good profiles, then you have to shortlist them. And, how will you continuously monitor them? That’s grueling. A good tool can really make this grueling task quick and easy for you.

Now, this is where InBeat Influencer Agency comes into play.

InBeat Features to Find the Right Influencer

InBeat has a QuickSearch feature that uses search engine and filters that allows users to search for their Influencer based on their language, location, and gender. All these parameters depend on the type of product and the audience you want to cater to. Using QuickSearch, users can find the right and preferred Influencer.

Another feature that users love in InBeat is DeepSearch which helps the users find the influencer profiles matching their right and preferred influencers.

Influencer Tracking in InBeat

InBeat also gives you cost estimations and tracks and monitors the profiles of your chosen influencers. This helps you make a better and informed decision in the long run. You can find from 1 to 10000 influencers using InBeat.

You can learn and start using InBeat on the first try. It’s so easy to use. There’s nothing complex in it that has a deep learning curve.

InBeat Pricing

TRIAL - Free

GROWTH - $35/month

BRAND - $80/month

AGENCY - $200/month

BUSINESS - $400/month